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Banks Halting Foreclosures

CBS News business and economics correspondent Rebecca Jarvis speaks to Harry Smith about why some banks are halting foreclosure processes and what it means for at-risk homeowners.


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7 Responses to "Banks Halting Foreclosures"

  1. TheLIGHTinMYwindow says:
    she doesn’t even know what is going on! Its not about “volume” or paperwork. This is just the very tipppy tip of what is going on. Do they think the public are total morons?
  2. deltaalpha21074 says:
    Wipe out all Main banking cities ie Wall street WiLmington Del Sioux City SD and
    OF course all FED Treasury areas Philadelphia PA ,Denver Col Their Main HQ in Washington DC and shut them down—-make standardized Exchange system with levels based on achievement for Super advancement of this country instead of super corruption those who oppose should be thrown Alive with their family members into huge wood chipper! Nationally televised no exceptions.
  3. chicagozzzz says:
    lower the fucking interest rate to 3% for everyone so we can move onI know someone paying 7% . he has a perfect record and with out doubt deserves 3%.
    The fucking bank gives him 7% WHY WHY WHY WHY
  4. beancube2010 says:
    They bet govt doesn’t have resource to find out anything when local govts are cutting budgets and not hiring; and I guess they are right and they know how. You know how they hacked and created the Intellectual Properties Laws because they know the dept is small and have no way to handle huge volume of work loads then … loopholes and bubbles; so we have all kinds of technologies for building houses but we can’t build houses for homeless.
  5. beancube2010 says:
    This is what most people called foreclosure bubble or robo-signer bubble. Bankers are not actually desperate for selling bad assets like majority of low income people are; but bankers need some cash to please their overseas tycoon American CEOes because they want to own more overseas properties and take profit from any kind of cash flow only.
  6. traynickel says:
    The servicer who is filing the foreclosure has no legal standing to foreclose. No Title. The loan orignator, if they are still in business, has no right to foreclosure because they Securitized the loan. Clouded Title. They would have to track down the CDO investor, who was made whole by the derivative contract. If the origanal note hasn’t been chopped up into a 1000 pieces, maybe they have a chance, but then there’s a REMIC, IRS issue still. Free House, Clear Title.
  7. MsAlrady says:
    If you really think it is caused by sheer volume CBS you would be wrong.. They knew about this, they don’t care, they WANT to foreclose adn foreclose fast. They get more money that way.

    2) This is related to the MORTGAGE FRAUD part of why foreclosure is great is it clears out the mortgage fraud.

    3) they DO not what happend.. .don’t be silly.. They dont’ sign a LEGAL affadavit without KNOWING what they are doing.

    INVESTIGATION is totally needed and not to cover it up 

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