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Barry Goldwater – To The Future From The Past

Goldwater warns of future Social Security insolvency, inflation, central planning and deficit spending. (1964)


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25 Responses to "Barry Goldwater – To The Future From The Past"

  1. marcparella says:
    @bxjam85: I would suggest that you look at Jon Huntsman.
  2. marcparella says:
    Happy Birthday AuH20.

    Goldwater was unique: an honest statesman who brought conscience to the political process. Our country today needs more like him.

  3. H1TMANactual says:
    Ron Paul is no Goldwater, but he does come close.
  4. kingneddy says:
    lenin said ‘democracy is indispensable to socialism’.Bill Cooper said ‘democracy is code for socialism’.
  5. ipwnallnubscuzirock says:
  6. BelieversinThings says:
    @Budvb People rarely get the death penalty in the United States, and they don’t get it for adultery. Every attempt is made to do it as quickly, and humanely as possible. I agree that we can’t tell them what to do, but thery’re still primitive barbarians, and their acts can only be compaired to the acts of other religions hundreds of years ago.
  7. Budvb says:
    @Believersin Do we still kill criminals in our Judicial system? So how can we tell another nation of people that they can’t punish criminals with the choices they choose to kill their criminals. To do so tells me, we’re hypocrites. I may not agree with Death penalty but, that is up to those Citizens to decide to change their ways, otherwise we will kill more innocent people in War or under War then their Justice system does, if they don’t like the laws they should change them
  8. TheTirelessMinority says:

    Reagan was nothing like the current incarnation of the Republican party either. The fact you believe so calls into question what exactly you believe conservatism is exactly.

  9. Somnambul33tor says:
    @TheTirelessMinority and you probably think he’d be disgusted with Reagan, as well.
  10. TheTirelessMinority says:

    When you resort to ad hominem and name calling you’ve already lost. Goldwater would be disgusted at the current version of the Republican party.

  11. Somnambul33tor says:
    @TheTirelessMinority people fight for liberty every day, but since they don’t adhere to the extremely limited view of the Constitution that Rue Paul follows, his drones cast them off as “neo-cons”. LAWL
  12. TheTirelessMinority says:

    No he’s Ron Paul. Both fought for liberty. Goldwater’s own son supports Ron Paul which should say a tincy something to you about RP.

  13. Somnambul33tor says:
    Ron Paul is no Barry Goldwater.
  14. BelieversinThings says:
    @Budvb Jews stoned people 2000 years ago musilms did it last week.
  15. republicunderground says:
    an Orange tree is pretty expensive these days
  16. Budvb says:
    sorry about the spam in the comments all, its been a great debate, and please do forgive me if it bothers you. Thank you! and God bless you all
  17. Budvb says:
    @Budvb [3:48] “He will teach him the scripture, wisdom, the Torah, and the Gospel.”
    He as in Jesus.
  18. Budvb says:
    [3:45-47] The angels said, “O Mary, GOD gives you good news: a Word from Him whose name is ‘The Messiah, Jesus the son of Mary.’ He will be prominent in this life and in the Hereafter, and one of those closest to Me.”He will speak to the people from the crib, as well as an adult; he will be one of the righteous.” She said, “My Lord, how can I have a son, when no man has touched me?” He said, “GOD thus creates whatever He wills. To have anything done, He simply says to it, ‘Be,’ and it is.
  19. Budvb says:
    @rockinandout Qur’an as stated, 3:133-136 Its clear they must forgive or they do not understand God from my reading. It’s like saying one is a Christian and yet can’t forgive, Goes against what the Teacher has given us and shown us Forgiveness & Love is Universal to all 3 religions. Ask Jews if they had ever stoned anyone in the days of Jesus? John 8 as my reference in my Faith.
  20. Budvb says:
    @rockinandout Then why do i have so many Muslim friends here on Youtube as well as had a lot of discussions with them. Trust me True believes in God are not Evil, It’s Justice that you don’t like. Justice will come for all it’s promised by all 3 faiths as well as forgiveness to those who repent and take change their actions to what is Right. I do not Fear Justice or any Religion of the World for their is no need to Fear. I already see and know the Plan as it has been told to me.
  21. rockinandout says:
    @Budvb thanks rev wright but “our chickens” arent coming home to roost, if you really are a christian maybe you should look into christian middle eastern relations over the years, the two have never gotten along and more than likely never will, the ideological divide is too great, christians believe in free will and muslims believe that if you break a law you ought to be stoned for your actions
  22. Budvb says:
    @rockinandout 29 A man who wants to hurt others tries to get them to sin.
    He leads them down a path that isn’t good.
  23. Budvb says:
    @rockinandout As told to me by God, it’s not my position to judge, i’m a christian and as a christian we are the sacrificial lambs, we die to show the world how unmoral it has become through the teaching of Christ. This nation of Prideful will destroy themselves with no help from others. All Iran has to do is sit and wait and watch even if we attack it will destroy us as promised by God. lol
    18 If you are proud, you will be destroyed.
    If you are proud, you will fall.
  24. rockinandout says:
    @cucucachu0000 actually its progressivist and bush’s foreign policy, not that im a fan of either, just better than paul’s right wing loony ideology
  25. rockinandout says:
    @Budvb cool facts bro. now reality, im not a “nation builder” im a “peace through strength” much like barry goldwater (thats actually where it comes from) because that is the only proven way to have peace. you psudo-intellectual libertarians think that iran will put down their arms and learn to love us if we just trade with them a little more, news flash: they just want us dead, thats how its always been, thats how it always will be. learn history

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