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5 Responses to "BEFORE, AFTER, AND BEYOND BANKRUPTCY – the book, by Betty Odak"

  1. therapist2010able says:
    This book deals with financial management and being a good steward. Check it out.
  2. jodalawa says:
    It is is almost two years since I made this YouTube video on money matters. There are things that do not change-using credit card wisely, are you?
  3. jodalawa says:
    @Laurac60 I cannot believe that it is 1 yr since this video was made. Time goes fast.
  4. jodalawa45 says:
    Thanks Laura, I hope this video and reading the book ‘Before, After, And Beyond Bankruptcy’ will help many people during this difficult financial times.
  5. Laurac60 says:
    Very informative video, Betty! Look forward to reading your book.

    Laura Christianson

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