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Benny Hinn from the Crystal Cathedral

From the storied Crystal Cathedral, Pastor Benny Hinn proclaims, “The Holy Spirit is not a power or an influence. He is a person. He is the source of all power. When we talk about the Holy Spirit, we are talking about the Spirit of the Lord Himself. This remarkable message was taught at the landmark Crystal Cathedral in southern California | | http


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19 Responses to "Benny Hinn from the Crystal Cathedral"

  1. 18432G says:
    @danit303 DIOS lo bendiga pastor BENNY….
  2. TheMadMusicMan says:
    @convener777 This is the Spanish congregation, the English one has only around 400-500 people.
  3. KLoveKKnyawHipHop7 says:
    Thank you Jeus. The messager for me. Thank you Jesus.
  4. convener777 says:
    I don’t get it. I thought that the crystal cathedral was losing members. But, here it seems that there’s no problems in membership – it’s a full house
  5. danilno says:
    God bless you Benny Hinn
  6. BringBackTheCross says:
    @carlsonraymondh AMEN
  7. carlsonraymondh says:
    Pastor Benny Hinn should look at the possibility of purchasing the CRYSTAL CATHEDRAL, instead of these other possibly questionable “bids” for the church. GOD does NOT want the CRYSTAL CATHEDRAL destroyed; however, GOD might want a managerial change, before HE allows for the support necessary to solve the monetary problems. GOD does NOT like individuals doing things outside HIS WILL! Power grabs inside a CHURCH constitutes a SIN! Pastor Benny Hinn and support could raise the 50 million dollars!
  8. hectoralvarezful says:
    I really like this video, GOD bless you forever
  9. 2uflame says:
    benny hinn coming to dallas at reuion arena
  10. bcgraham100 says:
    This is a beautiful gift to us all
  11. 66Bluebird says:
    Thank you for posting. Very good. Very powerful. Very right.
  12. vinmm7 says:
    thanks for the video! God bless you!!!
  13. TvBaruch says:
    muy buena predica, Dios bendiga al pastor benny.
  14. GospelTruth37059 says:
    Praise God someone finally did!
  15. GMWagiru says:
    Praise the Lord my brother in Christ, I have a request for you can you please upload the videos from July 21,22.,23 of 2011 of Pastor Benny Hinn in Washington D.C at the National Church of God. please and thank you God Bless you !!
  16. 505mariana says:
    thx for aploading this video. i love the holy spirit.]
    i love you with the love of GOD pr benny. when there is one body is there… the holy ghost come to praise and singing to comfort his servant. so that we can give all our life to HIM and all our time for HIS GLORY. some time God allowed his servant to be alone over & over again. so that HE CAN SHOW HIS GLORY IN FULLNESS.BECAUSE HE IS HOLY.
  17. iwalkjesuswaymommy7 says:
    People do not know this man. is of God. he say the word. people wach you mouth. Yeshua,Jesus is waching you.
  18. Adisayam1989 says:
    Was there an English service too??

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