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Best company for student loan consolidation?


  1. I need to advertise for a student loan debt consolidation company that targets students around UF, ideas? By UF I mean the University of Florida, I need some way to network myself with the soon to graduate...

  2. What is the best student loan consolidation company? Recently, I consolidated my student loans (undergrad, grad school loans). After I received the final break down, it appears that...

  3. What’s the best student loan consolidation company? I’m looking to consolidate a bunch of my federal student loans. I get tons of offers in the mail, but...

  4. Which company has the best student loan consolidation rates? I have a subsidized student loan in the amount of $11,460.55, does anyone know the names of specific companies that...

  5. Is student loan consolidation based on your credit score through student loan company? ...

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  1. Kimmy R says:
    Before u getting your 1st student loan…


    Though federal and private loans are both eligible for consolidation, federal loans have superior rates and terms, which are set by the government. However, federal and private loans must be consolidated separately.

    Federal Loans Have Favorable Terms

    There are several types of federal loans that can be consolidated. These include:

    * Stafford loan
    * Perkins
    * Parent PLUS
    * Supplemental Loans for Students (SLSs)
    * Health Professions Student Loans (HPSLs)
    * Loans for Disadvantaged Students (LDSs)
    * Nursing Student Loans (NSLs)
    * Health Education Assistance Loans (HEALs)

    Different loans carry different interest rates. Some are fixed, some are variable. While it’s possible to consolidate fixed–and variable-rate loans, the primary advantage of consolidation is shifting your variable-rate loans to a fixed rate.

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