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Bill Dawson, Deloitte


  1. The 14 states suing the federal government over the health care bill. Is this just a case of grandstanding? They are tilting after windmills to prove to their constituents that they are against socialism. Do the governors and other...

  2. Deloitte on Distressed Debt Learn more about some unique concerns associated with distressed debt, how a regional bank tackled the issue head-on, and...

  3. Are there any programs available with the stimulus bill to help people in chapter 13 bankruptcy? I have enough equity in my house to refinance and pay my chapter 13 bankruptcy but is there anyone out...

  4. Bill Faloon on his new book Pharmocracy – FF 863 Bill Faloon discusses essential issues in his new book Pharmocracy, including Medicare insolvency, FDA and health concerns. Bill Faloon...

  5. Obama Finance Bill Will Allow Seizure of Companies? right? Barack Obama has taken the United States one more giant step towards socialism by ramming through the Senate his financial...

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