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Bob Chapman & Alex Jones: The Unloading of the Economy Continues

The power and influence of Standard and Poor, stimulus packages have been a bust, Europe mired in toxic waste, the dream of the Euro gone, global growth headed lower, oversold stock markets, the inflationary depression set to continue unabated. Markets have certainly fallen quickly. It was only on 12721 on July 21 and now we are looking at a low close of 11.269 after a 500-point PPT arrangement. There is no question investors didn’t like the bill encompassing debt extension, nor the perceived cuts to be made. That was followed by a long awaited fall-in the debt rating of the US by the S&P. At the same time the financial and economic conditions in Europe worsen with Italy officially joining the ranks of near insolvency. These events were accompanied by calls for the president to bypass the Constitution or to use the 14th Amendment to bring about the debt extension. Under a façade of political wrangling as a cover the real impetus for the standoff became obvious. The whole exercise was not only about debt extension that could have been settled in 15 minutes, but about cutting individually paid for plans, such as Social Security and Medicare, which will eventually lead to a corporatist fascist dictatorship. This super-Congress is very reminiscent of the 13th century “Star Chamber”, the Soviet Politburo, or Adolph Hitler’s 1933 “Enabling Act.”


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25 Responses to "Bob Chapman & Alex Jones: The Unloading of the Economy Continues"

  1. comedyclubbed says:
    Its all about OIL!!! The truth:

  2. Charmer4856 says:
    Bob’s modesty lol….”well thank you”
  3. dudebud007 says:
    looks like bob’s got it again….i was gonna say this right after the fact but didnt feel like it then ….and that is that rick perry’s only job is to divert all the attention that ron paul’s getting back to perry……and what better way than saying something nasty about the Fed …. fucks every average american up LoL
  4. dubh21 says:
  • D33Lux says:
    For God sake’s Alex STOP INTERRUPTING your guests!
  • virtualrealityknows says:
    see my video called “Mercenaries RAPING EACH OTHER & Sex Slaves!” Those seemingly tough guys like Blackwater (Xe), Dyncorp, Wakenhut, Armorgroup…they are RAPING EACH OTHER and FORCING SEX between them to get better shifts, promotions. They SAY they are not homos, but that it is just a part of working for those companies. BOHEMIAN GROVE GOES TO AFGHANISTAN!
  • Sundaysunny2 says:
    Alex Jones caused my friend to flee Oxford, lying that a war was going to break out. This man is racist to extreme! These fear mongers use partial truth to carry out their agenda.
  • npower22 says:
    Mr Chapman and Alex,, Plan “A” means no election and you two know this… why aren’t you saying this to you’r listener’s

  • npower22 says:
    He isn’t a liar you wit! Plan “A” is no election. So let’s brain storm around the idea! There won’t be an election and they know this,,,,,k

  • HubsNetwork says:
    Alex Jones is a liar, a scaremonger and a racist slug, look at his reporting on the london riots for proof.
    Alex Jones is a lying agent provocator.
    Do not trust Jones, he’s a shill.
    Unsubscribe and boycot his BS reporting!!!
  • AlembicPools says:
    I just found out that Alex Jones is one of those Branch Davidian members.That explains a lot!

    “Honey, have you seen my crazy pills?”

  • alphabeets says:
    Silver and gold to the moon.
  • alphabeets says:
    Vote for Ron Paul.
  • EvenCatsSmoke says:
    This fat cunt has no idea how the world works.
  • ToddWentworth says:
    can anyone tell me WTF Bob Chapman was trying to correlate when he was talking about Serpico’s age?? 1:00


  • Mogh says:
    I support what Ron Paul has been saying and think he is a great representative for the people. By all means, vote for him in 2012. That said, it is extremely naive to think that even if he were elected, he would be allowed to effect substantial positive change. The corrupt system in place and those who control it are bigger and more powerful than the office of the president. So yes, vote for Ron Paul — but don’t expect any one man to change the world and “save” us. That’s up to all of us.
  • sstomlewis says:
    just seen the libyan “rebels” (which is a bulllshit phrase because they are actually libyan citizens.) have taken tripoli back. how in the fuck can a bunch of regular citizens armed with what ever weapons they can find, take over a govt and its military in 7 months, but it takes the united states and the enitire un, with every kind of weapon at theyre disposal, years and years to overthrow iraq, afganistan and every other bullshit country were at “war with. give me hope for when it happens here
  • InfamousShogun says:
    @liberalunrealitybias you are either a troll or a brainwashed idiot .. you have a lot to catch up too bro
  • Overtherate says:
    1775 xD also shows it’s close to a collapse..=P
  • Hellu235Sing says:
    Its like the Christians say, “The truth shall set you free.” I hope those that support Rick Perry wake and realize his a monster.
  • Hellu235Sing says:
    @liberalunrealitybias, you must be batshit crazy these people are trying kill us by releasing deadly material in the we breath in. What are you some globalist slave dog?
  • WreakingHavoc1 says:
    @VerseInfinitum Right – and don’t forget supporting the de jure Republic – republicfortheunitedstates (dot) org
  • master2030 says:
    $1,623,101.51 for Ron Paul so far!!!
  • BellHuey72 says:
    When you have guests on……please let them speak!
  • barry0033 says: – because health is important for ALL of us !(please share with you friends, loads of cures for ”uncurable” diseases)
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