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Boston Cops Stalk Anonymous Fed Bank MiniProtest

A protest/outreach event of under a dozen individuals gathered anonymously is monitored by Boston Police. Protest took place on March 28, 2011 outside of the Federal Reserve Bank in Boston, Mass. Fliers were handed out on compulsory legal tender laws and there was much discussion with passers-by about competing currency.


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7 Responses to "Boston Cops Stalk Anonymous Fed Bank MiniProtest"

  1. Oceanno69 says:
    Great Job! Love your Shirts!
  2. AngryHateMusic says:
    Who organized it? Nobody. Who is running it? Nobody. Who in politics gives a shit about us, Nobody! Vote for Nobody
  3. clerven says:
    Good! I am glad to see you all out there. Anonymous may get me back as
    a supporter. It is about time you found the real enemy and the enemy is
    not Sony, Mastercard or other soft targets. Be careful.
  4. ronaldl79 says:
    Department of Homeland Security is interested in these protests
  5. ronaldl79 says:
    The Federal Reserve committed domestic terrorism on May 18th against two activists in Denver, Colorado. Be glad these activists weren’t victims of the horror we faced for wanting to see their money museum.
  6. mackler says:
    Their greatest fear. “Can’t you guys go protest abortion or something?”
  7. genzigg386 says:
    great job guys

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