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Boston Foreclosure Attorney: Helping You to Halt Foreclosure

Do you know that foreclosures in Massachusetts were up close to 50% for the first four months of 2010 compared to the same period last year?Yes,it is a fact and if you have read the recent survey reports then you must be aware that April 2010,has recorded a 160% plus growth of Massachusetts foreclosure.Yes Boston foreclosure now takes just a median 138 days to process,compared to 234 days two years ago.In fact with the economic condition laden with job losses and pay cuts and with its fast shifting stock market has made filing for the Consumer bankruptcy in Massachusetts the most common phenomenon.

And it is perhaps the best time to stay informed and to know about the ways to stop Boston foreclosure.Well let’s look beyond the basics and let’s understand how it feels when you feel that the big American dream is now coming to an end and your home is getting foreclosed.‘DABDA’ is basically the acronym used in psychology,to describe the 5 steps of the grieving process.

Denial-”My Lender is really not going to foreclose on me.”
Anger-”I don’t deserve this. Why is this happening to me?”
Bargaining-”If this all goes away,I promise to quit smoking,be a better person,etc.”
Depression-”This is the worst thing that could happen,and it ruins everything.”
Acceptance-”Okay.I don’t like it,but I am in default.”

And this final stage is the scariest and this is when you leave your home to Massachusetts foreclosure and just walk away!Don’t fall into the DABDA trap,instead follow the most intelligent way and hire the Boston foreclosure lawyer who can actually help you with Massachusetts foreclosure law.Yes there are ways indeed and if you are facing default,it’s time to attempt the following:

Look for the Loan Workout in Massachusetts and ask the Lender to modify the terms of the loan;
Refinance the home;

Sell your home;
Offer the lender a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure;


So,contact your lender first.In fact even it is too late and if you are behind your mortgage payment,it doesn’t matter.Consider talking clearly with your lenders to dig out ways.Also,consult the Massachusetts Foreclosure Attorney to stay informed.In fact there are a number of ways available to stop foreclosure and Massachusetts loan modification is just one amongst these. Follow this action plan to stop Boston foreclosure in its track:

Contact the Lender:As alluded above you should immediately call the Lender and ask for this department so that the process of obtaining a Workout Agreement may commence.

When is the foreclosure date?Know about the foreclosure date because it should be the most important date on your calendar.If you are not aware about if a date has been set or when that date is,pick up the phone call Massachusetts Foreclosure Attorney and find out.Keep in mind–DO NOT let the Foreclosure Sale Date arrive without having taken some sort of Action.

Obtain the checklist documents:Gather all the information and start with the preparation of all the documents.Make sure to write this information down or ask if a checklist can be sent by the Lender along with any required paperwork.

Draft the hardship letter:Yes,to stop Massachusetts foreclosure you need to compose the hardship letter.Because you’re Lender will also want to know the reason for the default.In fact this explanation in the form of a Hardship Letter is your opportunity to take Action.Honestly,the way you explain the reasons for the default is crucial to getting the lender to consider a Workout Agreement.Hire the Massachusetts Foreclosure Attorney to make a good case and an informed decision.

Sign the agreement if you like it:Yes,that’s the final step and if your lender provides you with the Massachusetts loan modification agreement ensure that you understand entirely what the Lender is proposing and also understand the terms well.Do not shy away from asking questions and make sure whether or not the new payment is affordable and for how long the payment is fixed!

The Massachusetts foreclosure center can put the power back in your.Yes,when the threats of foreclosure lurk behind it is advisable to consult the Massachusetts foreclosure center to preserve and protect your home from foreclosure.

The Massachusetts Foreclosure Lawyers are the legal experts to bank on for cutting down on the monthly mortgage payment schemes.


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