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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Bankruptcy Help » BREAKING NEWS: Bank of America Having Digital Bank Run, Website Down 6 Days

BREAKING NEWS: Bank of America Having Digital Bank Run, Website Down 6 Days

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25 Responses to "BREAKING NEWS: Bank of America Having Digital Bank Run, Website Down 6 Days"

  1. 1Littleagger says:
    Living on earth is hell.
  2. Unrealll6666 says:
    Freedom in Christ.
  3. TheMystic2100 says:
    @073edwin I agree but who owns your ass if you hold your saving in fiat dollars, pounds or euros the very bankstas who print that worthless junk. Crash JP morgan buy silver avoid counter party risk and and truly give the finger to money printing junkie bankstas
  4. TheMystic2100 says:
    @YiuTeub I agree money as debt is the worst flavor of money as Max Keiser puts it. But before watching the video link, although I will to have an open mind and thanks for the link, when EVER you give any one the keys to the printing press, whether the worst form of money that we have now or a non debt based fiat currency the temptation to print too much money that you debase your currency is just too high. Gold and silver cannot be printed and they are fungible with NO counter party risk.
  5. YiuTeub says:
    @TheMystic2100 If they give a note for metal it will go to 0. lets say 1oz gold per 10 dollars (start low) 1/10 oz. Now through a credit system that 10 dollars would be 1500 dollars in 50 years due to inflation caused by inflationary debt. Credit systems fail.

    Type in “money as debt” and watch the LONG video.

  6. TheMystic2100 says:
    @YiuTeub I doubt a gold/silver bimetalic system would fail. The problem with fiat currency no matter how well structured, the temptation by government to debase their currency to pay for wars and other overspending ultimately destroys a fiat currency. I think gold and silver should be used as money as they cannot be printed to worthlessness and have no counter party risk and are fungible.
  7. YiuTeub says:
    @TheMystic2100 Gold and Silver backed currency would fail as well. It HAS to be a non-debt based currency.

    Otherwise with interest comes inflation and more money is created to pay debt. Credit based always fail in time.

  8. HailstormPhoenix says:
    This is no longer about politics, this is about honesty, integrity and the ability to treat others as you would be treated. This is no longer about religion, this is no longer about money, this is no longer about movie stars …this is about a future for everyone and those who fail in their integrity, fail in their honesty, fail in their abilty to treat others fairly are only continuing to support the regime they so badly want out of power. Does this generation have such strength? Let us hope.
  9. mphello says:
    4m28s No, this is NOT socialism nor communism, anymore than it is capitalism. Cgreene34 said in another video that he doesn’t care if we’re libertarian, socialist, communist, capitalist – that we should all join together to fight the criminal fraud.

    Well, I’m going to KEEP voting for socialists and communists and defend them, and that’s not going to stop me from joining in on this fight against banker crimes.

  10. mphello says:
    @AngelWynton And what about the billions of animals murdered and tortured in factory farms just because people don’t go vegan? What about millions of people held hostage in prison for far too long – either they are completely innocent or simply do not justify such insanely long sentences.

    Who are YOU to tell everybody else to drop fighting for THEIR cause and suddenly pick up YOUR cause?

    ALL good causes need to be fought for. Some already have enough support. Others need a LOT more.

  11. dmwalker24 says:
    This is Fascism and corporate welfare. I will say though that now all that’s needed with the occupy movement in the streets is for Washington to start talking bailout and too big to fail again, and the whole thing is going to go up like a powder keg. One more time for them to tell the 99% to pay for the sick greed of the 1%, and we’ll have ourselves a revolution. The party for the elite is almost over. They should head to their villas now.
  12. TheMystic2100 says:
    @073edwin PUT IT INTO GOLD AND SILVER, they are fire proof, have no counter party risk. Fiat money is a sick joke on humanity
  13. Butteroux says:
    He failed to say what a digital bank run was.
  14. CaliforniaCarpenter7 says:
    Of course there were no links.

    So I looked it up, and this is nonsense. BofA has been down, on and off for a few days. But NOBODY KNOWS WHY.

    1:00 , “Millions of Customers IN MY OPINION Now, are storming the website”.

    You have been spotted. Don’t lie to people, or you will be exposed.

  15. TheMiguelGrande says:
    The most important part of the collapse is, where are the CAFR funds invested? Cities all over the country keep 2 sets of books. A phoney set, so they could raise taxes and deny raises and a true set, called the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report. CAFR shows how many millions have been stolen from the people. My small town had $50 million. The adjoining town $800 million. These local rubes are wined and dined on Wall St and the $ is invested on derivatives and mortgage backed securities. Fail
  16. TheVicV says:
    Look for chase or wellsfargo to absorb Stank of America…
  17. virtualkiko says:
    let take our money and show this people BOFA and other banks we don’t need this crap.
  18. bokkie7 says:
    Ok, is this just your opinion or…..
  19. arkons1961 says:
    How is the Bank of Canada doing now?
  20. greatcow95 says:
    @AngeliqueEU My banking is 100% free. There is, however, an OPTIONAL plus charge that I willingly and knowingly took the option for that includes things like accidental death/dismemberment insurance. Since it is OPTIONAL, it doesn’t count as a true banking fee.

    You did something called a “biased sample fallacy.”

  21. AngeliqueEU says:
    @AngeliqueEU O yes … on my ASN account I get 1% interest on the money which is in there! So actually I am still making more money of that % than the account costs me each month.

    Rabobank is giving NONE by the way only at savings accounts!
    So I have less money on that account … but keep it cause it is handy to be able to pay in the USA costs 25cents a transaction (supermarkt / shop and so on)

  22. AngeliqueEU says:
    In Holland I pay for my ASN Bank account checking only 1 euro a month!!!
    For my Rabobank account only 4.60 pro 3 months … |
    No positive balance needed!

    Bank of America charges 8.95 $ a month .. or 12.95$ a month … SURE is a lot!
    So USA accounts do cost a lot more than much of The European accounts.
    Why is this … in the USA say all is less expensive because of the FREE MARKETS???

  23. AngeliqueEU says:
    Just tried it now …. it’s works!!!  And I tried it from the Netherlands, colorado account
  24. AngeliqueEU says:
    $5,- for holding a debit account …. pro month?

    Here the ASN wanted to change it’s ‘rules’ in that you must check your account ONE time A WEEK in statt of one time a month. A lot of people were pretty mad about this and wrote an email to ASN saying that they wanted to close down their account with ASN. WITHIN a FEW hours ASN took back the new rules and said the first email was a mistake!!! ;)

    YES we the people / customers HAVE POWER!!!

  25. AngeliqueEU says:
    @AngeliqueEU (2) and with the DSB in I think 2010 … or was it 2009? The site also was very soon put OFF LINE. A bankrun  can destroy a bank which is allready on the edge (My opinion that is).

    This is why there is a security of 100.000 euro’s in place to keep the people/holding bank and savingsaccounts calm.

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