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Bush and Killing Social Securtiy?

As we know, Bush and Co. is opposed to social security and medicare on ideological grounds. No “guvment healthcare”, ect.

Question is….did they cut rich folks taxes, spend like drunken coke heads and then borrow our way into national insolvency in order to kill these programs as well as other social programs?


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6 Responses to "Bush and Killing Social Securtiy?"

  1. Frog says:
    We don’t need SSI…. It’s a waste of money. Like any younger people will ever see any of the money they put into it.
  2. cheese4911 says:
    Yes, they overspend on military and other things, then say “Look- we can’t afford Social Security and Universal Healthcare.” It is all part of a large scheme to bankrupt America, and shrink government down to where it could fit in my basement.
  3. says:
    Those programs are toast with or without Republicans.

    They’re massive Ponzi schemes that never had a shot at working once super-large numbers of folks retired and started collecting benefits. They MIGHT have worked if married couples still had 4 – 6 kids but today lots of folks don’t get married, many married folks don’t have kids, and those that do tend to have the standard two children.

    Those programs WILL be fundamentally restructured at some point or they will go down in flames. Since that isn’t going to happen (going down in flames, that is), here’s what the politicians, Dems OR Reps, are gonna do:

    1 – Continue to increase the age at which a person can claim full benefits,

    2 – Return to regularly increasing SS & Medicare payroll taxes, and

    3 – Yes, for the trifecta we have: Reduce benefits!

    Now, it’s likely that benefits will only be reduced for those that don’t “need” the money. If only Ted Kennedy would get out of the way, this would probably have already been done. (Kinda ironic that it’s ol’ Teddy who’s in the way of NOT PAYING out government dollars to “the rich”, isn’t it?!?)

  4. honeybeejim says:
    Bush did try to privatize part of SOS how ever the liberals said no.
    The main problem with SOS is ever since LBJ the government has illegally borrowed all the money from the sos trust fund for other social programs. As of now the fund is owed over 2 trillion dollars
  5. ASA says:
    Don’t you mean everything
  6. David M says:
    Again dannyboy you show your total lack of understanding on economics. Reading too much of that Karl Marx crap on failed Communist policies. You LIE when you say George Bush is against Social Security. He suggests that Americans be allowed to choose, if they wish, to have a portion of their tax go into self-directed funds. But Communists such as yourself believe the masses are too stupid to be self determinate. That the State should control our lives. Tax and tax and tax and let the State determine who is politically connected enough to get the money.

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