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Business Law Attorney, Foreclosure Attorney in Pasadena CA 91103

Business and Real Estate Law in Pasadena can and are amazingly complex. Legislative bodies at the state and federal levels keep churning out new laws, the courts keep coming up with new interpretations and rulings, and new aspects of business and emerging markets affect the way old laws are treated. Unless youre willing to devote your life to this world of intricate nuance, you need a resource of legal advice and representation that can do the work for you. That resource is Law Office of Stephen R. Golden.


  1. How does a business collect from a customer that has filed bankruptcy? Have a small business and have a customer that has run up a debt and their company is now filing...

  2. Business Lawyers – Business Owners Legal Help Lawyers provide a very valuable service to the public. They are there to help people fight cases that might have...

  3. 4R Business Recovery – Business debt advice and solutions to company insolvency and liquidation 4R Business Recovery is the UK’s premier business debt advice service. They offer alternative and individual solutions to company...

  4. How can I start a FORECLOSURE TRASH OUT BUSINESS in the Bay Area, CA? My family and I are looking to start one and just wanted to know any tips or advice. How much...

  5. How to find a reliable foreclosure attorney Florida to stop foreclosure? Are you looking forward to stop foreclosure and the loss of your home by hiring the services of foreclosure attorney...

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