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Buy and Renovate Your Foreclosure Deck Day

Renovate a foreclosure. Tear down of deck to make the way for something better. see more at:


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25 Responses to "Buy and Renovate Your Foreclosure Deck Day"

  1. london1817 says:
    @spiritartman yeah my wife said it was “grody to the max” lol.
  2. spiritartman says:
    That Fridge is a breeding ground for something LOL – Yowza.
  3. spiritartman says:
    My friends in WV have all the land and the farm but they both work full time. I would like to focus on raising Chickens, Eggs full time with them. My email is Spiritartman at – G m a i l. if that works better for you? Maybe speak on the tele?
  4. london1817 says:
    @spiritartman Thats cool man! Iany questions you have I am here!! …any time!
  5. spiritartman says:
    Fantastic!! I’ll look into them. Thanks for all the tips – not only am I all ears LOL I”m all questions!! TTYLater.
  6. london1817 says:
    @spiritartman My rabbits eat celery and grass and anything green pretty much…you can get alfalfa pellets
    but they do better with leafy greens……depends on the chickens…If I were you I would look for a smaller to med. sized birds that lay good but not to skinny when butchering….i would go with a red star chicken..they lay at 16 weeks and don’t eat too much feed & can be a meat bird.
  7. spiritartman says:
    What do your rabbits eat? Any specific sort of Rabbit? how about Chickens? any preference?
  8. spiritartman says:
    I have 4 friends that want to go in on a 2 acre farmette – figure for 40k we can get a productive place – Figure by Spring I’ll know the area better – Do you have a Rabbit video? Wish I knew how to do that stuff. I’ve been limited to fishing. Do you eat Squirrell?
  9. spiritartman says:
    Do you have a video for processsing rabbits – Sheep only eat grass there is no feed to dish out. My friend in WV has 12 she sells them at market for a nice profit. I like the Egg a day thing . I left Los Angeles to come back to LI to give my mom a hand and get things organized. LA is going to be a mess – LI as well but not as bad. I’m heading to WV in 2 weeks for a long weekend to scope things out. If all goes well I’ll be moving with this couple by the end of November. Get to know the area
  10. london1817 says:
    @spiritartman Don’t forget rabbits… can grow ALL your rabbits feed and they are the easiest to butcher.
    I like butchering small game…..big things take all day…you can butcher a chicken fast…and then eat.
    Sheep are a pain in the ass…plus the feed is way expensive now…same with goats…..
    2 acres are plenty ……to do what you want to do I would think……I haven’t been to WV……yeah I would get the heck out of long island….to many people there!…
  11. spiritartman says:
    Things are already hitting the fan in NY On Long Island hardly much work. Most people here are CLUELESS. Wild.
  12. spiritartman says:
    I plan on having some Sheep – Chickens and Veggies and Berries. I think 2 acres is plenty no? I want to live off the land as much as humanly possible. Have you spent time in WV?I think 2 acres should work?
  13. london1817 says:
    @spiritartman Well I am not sure…are you going to raise live stock ….it all depends on what you want to do on how much land you will require….I think 5 is enough for anything but I live on 2 …..What are you going to do if the SHTF…? live off the land or just steer clear of the big towns? I plan on just trying to be more self reliant and hopefully the i duck when the shtf…!!lol
  14. spiritartman says:
    Good Point!! That did cross my mind so I thought. Let me see if they are interested in selling me a parcel say 1 or two acres? right. Than at least it will be my own. Thanks for that heads up. I’m visiting them Oct 1. and am going to look at a few fixer upper scenarios . I’ve got 2 other friends from NY that want to pitch in cause we believe shit is going to hit the fan within 2 years max. How many acres do you think is sufficient?
  15. london1817 says:
    @spiritartman I don’t know man….I mean…maybe you should get some cheap land for your own & put there what you want…but if you build a cottage with the well and septic tank & electric and the building materials for a cottage…. maybe be cheaper to get your own place thats already there but abandoned…but still ok to restore.
    I would hate it if you built it and she changed her mind and ran you off…..its been done before..
  16. spiritartman says:
    The land owner prefers I build or have a guest cottage build – she’s not into trailer homes for some reason. What do you think the materials cost would be for a very basic say 20 x 20 ? Thanks!
  17. london1817 says:
    @spiritartman well..just a thought…I knew a guy that bought a really nice single wide … it might have been 10 years old and he got it for 3500. I thought it was a smokin deal because it had awesome cabinets and lots of space & big bed rooms, 2 bath rooms. i would think that would be good enough for anybody…….and paid off…..thats a big deal to me.
  18. earthkeyper says:
    @london1817 I think your talking about the joist. Are you talking about what the floor decking goes on top of?
  19. earthkeyper says:
    @london1817 I think your talking about the joist. Are you talking about what the floor decking goes on top of?
  20. spiritartman says:
    That’s GREAT ADVICE!!!!! Thanks!! is that “used” or new? Going to look into the Single wide option!!! thank you!!!!!
  21. london1817 says:
    @theeastwatch ….this one was $8500 dollars with 1 acre and a really nice landscaped yard with a mountain veiw….on a quiet street….reallyl good deal here in this town.
    & haha,…..I am wearing my old uniforms from the machine shop I worked at…there not scrubs….I didn’t want to ruin my normal clothes. lol
  22. london1817 says:
    @avon2891 Welll thanks! I do love working! I take it very serious and strive to “git her done”
    I have 2 more rentals that are in this bad of shape and I will be vloging the whole thing so I hope to make you proud! …thanks for the comment!
  23. london1817 says:
    @jermee2001 If I can do it YOU can do it……just try to save money as best as you can and really search the foreclosures in your area for cheap deals. they are out there believe me! Self employment is way better than working for some punch the clock job. with some arse hole for a boss….I was determined to get away from being around people all day…I worked i in a machine shop for 9 years next to crappy dudes & hated life!
    I am sooo much happier now.
  24. london1817 says:
    @spiritartman It took me 3 hours to get the deck on the truck. there were a few bugs under it but nothing exciting. Thanks for the offer but I have several rentals in bad shape like this one and I have to renovate them & it will take me a long time….but thanks for the offer!!! If I were you I would just get a single wide trailer aready finished. you can get them cheap… 3500 for a really nice one and they are great….you could never build one as cheap as one thats at a forclosure.
  25. london1817 says:
    @dbztiki haha….you & me both! …I think it will because its fun to do and I love doing it.

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