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California Bankruptcy Attorney – Innovation Capital Law Group

Unfortunately there are millions of Americans out there feeling the pain of this tough economy. And if you’re like them, you’re looking for options to get some immediate financial relief… and you may even be considering bankruptcy. Many out there still have a negative view of bankruptcy, but in certain situations, it can be exactly what a family needs to get a lasting and measurable improvement in their quality of life. But remember, there are right ways and wrong ways of going about a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. And while you can file a bankruptcy on your own, it’s generally not a good idea. You can do your own taxes, file your own divorce, or even represent yourself in court, but not knowing the law usually results in not taking full advantage of your rights. Did you know that you can keep your house, your car and even $21500 in savings? Did you know that there are specific advantages for people over a certain age? Did you know that medical bills, credit card debt and personal loans could be completely eliminated? We know that people considering bankruptcy are in a tough situation, and are often tempted to do it on their own… but keep in mind that experienced counsel can ensure you get the maximum benefit from this permanent decision. If you decide to hire an attorney to assist with your bankruptcy, please keep the following tips in mind: First… Be careful hiring someone that says they will do your bankruptcy for an extremely low fee. Solid, professional


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