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California Bankruptcy Attorneys: How to Find The Best One

For debtors in California who need to file bankruptcy, it is good to know that there is a large variety of highly qualified bankruptcy attorneys to choose from.  Because California has its own state laws for filing bankruptcy, debtors are best advised to retain the services of bankruptcy attorneys who have been practicing in the state for a number of years and are well versed in California state law.  However, with the staggering amount of bankruptcy attorneys offering legal representation in California nowadays, it can be difficult to find the best California bankruptcy attorneys for your case.  In this article we will give you some pointers to help you find the very best bankruptcy attorneys in California.  

It is vital to choose a bankruptcy attorney local to you.  This is primarily because local bankruptcy attorneys are most likely to know California state law, but also because debtors filing bankruptcy do not need to deal with the added stress of having to calculate time differences in order to consult with their attorneys over the phone.  It is best if all important dealings with bankruptcy attorneys are done face to face. Good bankruptcy attorneys are thoroughly knowledgeable about both state and federal law.  

When choosing a bankruptcy attorney, ask how long each attorney has been practicing bankruptcy law.  Bankruptcy attorneys with at least a couple of years of experience are always a smart choice.   Make sure to find out their areas of expertise and research their track records.  For chapter 13 filings, select bankruptcy attorneys with experience in reorganization bankruptcies, and for chapter 7 filings, make sure to select attorneys with proven experience in liquidation bankruptcy cases.  

Find out which of the selected bankruptcy attorneys has enough resources and personnel to take on new cases and handle them efficiently.  Always beware of bankruptcy attorneys who have a reputation of handing off cases to less experienced partners, or interns, because they had too much work to handle.  Bankruptcy attorneys who have at least one partner in the law firm, and have sufficient administrative support, are most likely to give their clients the best service.  Finally, select bankruptcy attorneys that are affordable.  It is essential that debtors set realistic budgets to pay for their bankruptcy attorneys’ fees and stay within those budgets.  Always select a bankruptcy attorney whose fees fit your wallet, and make sure all costs are agreed upon before signing a contract.

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