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Can a company sell all the stuff and property then go bankruptcy?

Can a company sell everything they own and property then go bankruptcy?

They refused to pay salary and my husband is very upset about $3250 that he didn’t get paid for. He met the owner and told him they are going bankruptcy and my husband also found out the owner sold his property and sold his company stuff to his friend. A lot of his friend that were working for him did not get paid. What are the solution?


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5 Responses to "Can a company sell all the stuff and property then go bankruptcy?"

  1. Obamavenger says:
    If the property was sold at a bargain price the bankruptcy trustee can move the court to void the sale.
  2. Tony says:
    bankruptcy court
  3. Herbert S says:
    If they sold the stuff for personal gain with in 3 years before filing, they are in violation of the law.


  4. Pressed Rat says:
    Don’t work for assholes.
  5. crbesq says:
    The bankruptcy trustee may be able to void the sale, sue the “friend” for return of the property, sell it, and use the proceeds to pay the company’s debts. Make sure that you stay on top of the bankruptcy case, and go to the 341 hearing and bring this sale to the bankruptcy trustee’s attention. If the bankruptcy case has not yet been filed, bring a lawsuit against the company and the owner quickly.

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