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can a spouse remove another spouse from the title upon refinancing a mortgage loan?


  1. What is the best way to remove someone’s name from a mortgage loan if they are the co borrower w/o refinancing? My mother is the borrower and I am the co borrower. She has always made payments on the loan. It...

  2. Would refinancing my mortgage affect my title or current title insurance? I’d like to take advantage of the low interest rates but, unfortunately, I’m also involved in litigation with a neighbor...

  3. Can a person on the title but not the mortgage stop me from refinancing? I have a loan contract with a person on the title (individual property grant deed) in which the contract for...

  4. Is refinancing the only way to remove a sibling from financial obligation on a mortgage? I own a house with sibling, he wants to buy his own house and be removed from mortgage and title....

  5. When refinancing mortgage will it reveal credit details to spouse? My spouse and I are going to be refinancing our mortgage and added me on. I did check my credit...

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4 Responses to "can a spouse remove another spouse from the title upon refinancing a mortgage loan?"

  1. toddo says:
    hi, im not sure where you are located. In Australia you cannot do this without some type of permission from the other party. For example they would have to sign a Transfer of Land document or alternatively you might have to buy it from them for nominal amount. I’m assuming that perhaps you are either separated or the one of the parties does not want to take part in the loan. Unless you have a court order or the transfer of land etc. you cannot remove them from the actual title. im from the finance industry and so im sure a property lawyer could answer this much more professionally. cheers
  2. reenzz says:
    Not without the notarized signature of both parties.
  3. infinite crisis 247 says:
    not without the written permission of the “to be removed” spouse. after all, if this was not necessary, what’s to stop someone that wants to leave their spouse from secretly refinancing the home, removing the spouse from the title, and then the spouse is entitled to none of the home.
  4. Sam B says:
    Without their permission? Sure, you can do anything as long as you don’t get caught. I could file a paper today at your county courthouse saying I own your property. It’s not the job of the staff there to determine if a document is real and legal. Now if I got caught doing it I would be in serious trouble. It’s fraud. You should have them sign a quit claim deed and file it. Then everything is legal.

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