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Can bankruptcy work here?

I unfortunately am writing with horrible news. I recently found out that my mother fell for one of those scams where someone claims to have millions…blah, blah, blah. I did warn her and apparently she didn’t believe me. I am very upset about it all, but I’m now looking to possibly save her. She took out two credit cards and took a cash advance of $46000. She used western union to give away this money. I know there is almost no chance of recovering this money, but is there a possibility of filing for bankruptcy here? Is there any other solution that isn’t paying all of this amount?


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4 Responses to "Can bankruptcy work here?"

  1. zeuz says:
    bankruptcy is a great option.
  2. efflandt says:
    Large amounts of cash drawn for non-essentials near bankruptcy might be excluded from the bankruptcy. Consult with a bankruptcy attorney.
  3. Cynthia M says:
    You must have an address that she sent this money too. I would contact the government of that country. Your right though the chances of getting this money back is slim to none. I think bankruptcy is a great option, provided she has some sort of retirement pension somewhere.
  4. Its me again says:
    omg!! that is terrible. who in there right mind take cash advance of $46000 to send to a stranger!!! I think she should get a job and pay for this or if not, let the balance go to collections and settle with the collection company.

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