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Can I add an unpaid bill from my university to my student loan consolidation?

I took my last class this summer and could not get financial aid. I was billed and I have paid some of it. I’m about to consolidate my student loans so I was wondering if I could add the remaining balance to the consolidation.


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2 Responses to "Can I add an unpaid bill from my university to my student loan consolidation?"

  1. Tom says:
    No. You didn’t borrow money from your school, so there’s no loan to consolidate.
  2. Miss A says:
    I would double check with your school and whatever bank that your loans are through, but I’m pretty sure you can’t do that. You didn’t get a loan to take the class, so how could it be consolidated with your other student loans? You could probably work out a payment plan with the school, but if you are still in school, the money will have to be paid or it will be subtracted from any financial aid that you may receive. Every school is different, but that’s how it works at my school.

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