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Can I file for bankruptcy without hiring an attorney?

An attorney isn’t in the budget.


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4 Responses to "Can I file for bankruptcy without hiring an attorney?"

  1. tro says:
    if you are proficient in the law and know what has to be done, possibly
  2. Huntsman says:
    You can do this:
    But you will have to spend at least a week reading books on bankruptcy (full time)
    Take a lot of notes.
    And make sure you understand every single word you read
  3. Holland Bankruptcy says:
    Yes, you can file bankruptcy without an attorney. The downside is that the petition is not all that easy to fill out and you will need to know what exemptions are available in your state. You can also use a “bankruptcy petition preparer”, which is someone who fills out the paperwork for you, but can’t give you legal advice. They generally charge substantially less than an attorney. They also don’t always do it right, but it’s probably a better chance than doing it by yourself. Either way, make sure you review the petition carefully and get the trustee everything that he/she requires before your section 341 meeting. Trustees are not always very nice to people who file on their own (some are okay, but others can be pretty harsh). If it is done wrong, you will end up hiring an attorney to clean up the mess for you and be required to attend another meeting with the trustee. I have done that on a couple occasions for people who have tried filing on their own.
  4. crbesq says:
    It’s possible. Its also possible to fix your brakes yourself if they go bad, rather than paying a mechanic. However, if you screw up, you’ll really wish you’d had professional help.

    Nearly all consumer bankruptcy attorneys offer free consultations. Take advantage of this to meet with one and get advice based on all of the details of your particular situation. You can find a referral at (National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys).

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