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Can I fire my bankruptcy attorney and have my attorney fees refunded?

I hired a bankruptcy attorney in Aug of 2010. But before accepting their service I had asked them specifically that I had money combined with my mom and would that be a problem. The person who interviewd me told “Oh no problem, we just send an amendment document to declare that this account belongs to your mother and not you.” Time paaast. And I finally had an appointment with the attorney in Feb 2011 that it was best to dismiss the case so I could have time to fix my mom’s account and refile or do the ammendment and he would charge me 250/hour( even though the contract said 215). So I agreed to dismiss it for him to refile. I was dismissed in early March. I fixed my mom’s account immediatley and within 2 weeks advised to refile. Upto this date, I have been given the runaround stating “well we’re in the process of tranfering your file”. Everything was sent electronically. I have given them everything they have requested from me on time. My life is at a stand still. Can’t do anything financially until I resolve this situation. Can I fire this deadbeat and get my money attorney fees back? If so HOW?


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3 Responses to "Can I fire my bankruptcy attorney and have my attorney fees refunded?"

  1. Pressed Rat says:
    You can fire your attorney but you can’t get your money back.

    And your story is unbelievable. You either misunderstood or you are a liar. Sorry, I can’t tell which.

  2. evilattorney says:
    You can certain fire the lawyer. You will not be getting the money back, at least not without the fight of your life. The attorney has already performed a substantial amount of work on your behalf. Work = money. Your story doesn’t hold up under scrutiny. If the account was so easily fixed, why didn’t you do it BEFORE the petition was filed?

    You need to make an appointment with the actual attorney and find out what’s holding things up.

  3. CRB says:
    Your story doesn’t quite make sense. You have either misunderstood what the attorney told you, or you haven’t described your situation correctly.

    Was a bankruptcy case actually filed with the court? Did you personally review the documents prior to filing them with the court? Was the account listed on Schedule B?

    It is unlikely that you will be able to get your money back, but ask again and try to be more clear and specific about what happened.

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