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Can I get a credit card after filing bankruptcy? – Brigham City Bankruptcy Lawyers

Brigham City Bankruptcy Attorney. Visit or call us at (435) 565-4857 for more information about filing bankruptcy in Brigham City, UT. In this video, Corey discusses what is bankruptcy. For more bankruptcy help, visit Brigham City Bankruptcy Questions and Answers Can I get a credit card after filing bankruptcy? If you file for bankruptcy and your concern is “am I ever going to be able to get a credit card again?” let me tell you, yes. In fact it will be the next day. You’re going to file your case and as soon as you get a discharge, as soon as that case is over with, you’re going to have a bunch of them in your mailbox. Typically. I think the only exception to that would be maybe in cases where this is your second one or you’ve filed multiple times in a row and made a big mess, I don’t know. The majority of people end up getting these things in their mailboxes immediately after and here’s why, you can’t do it again for another 8 years. You’re a really good credit risk. They know you’re either going to pay or they’re going to be able to go after you and get a judgment. So you’ll get credit cards again. The question isn’t whether you’ll get them. The real question you need to be asking is can you handle them next time. We can help with some of that. We do have information for you on that and there’s a lot of other great resources out there but get a handle on the credit first before you go

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