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can I get into Harvard, Princeton, or Yale?

I have 4.7 GPA. I took 24 AP courses. I have straight A’s throughout my whole high school career except for a B in English, freshman year. I have 1,840 Community and Service hours. I have an SAT score of 2,350 and an ACT score of 36 (perfect score!!!) and I have volunteered in Mount Sinai Hospital every summer. Also, I have had 14 Internships in 8 banks, 2 Hospitals, and 4 Hotels. I know Spanish, English, French, Tagalog, and Japanese (all fluently) I tutored 254 students from my school and all of them got SAT scores of 1836-2305 and one of them exceeded me and got a perfect score! I also studied abroad in Japan and France. I can play the guitar, drums, I’m a male soprano 1, violin, and my best instrument is the harp <3 . I have an I.B (International Baccalaureate) diploma. I have won nationals for Chemical Engineering, Calculus Analysis, Singing competition, and also I am certified with every microsoft program. My friends tell me that I can. But my parents say that I won't because I'm gay (they're extremely homophobic). And I refuse to leave out that I'm gay. So can I get into Harvard, Princeton, or Yale?

I am his brother ! lol believe me or not. But yes, I am his brother.


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4 Responses to "can I get into Harvard, Princeton, or Yale?"

  1. stevenbjammin says:
    Sell them on your stats then sell them on yourself. If you want it bad enough, you will find a way in. Tonight just before you go to sleep tell your mind what school you want to go to and to find you a way in. Like magic when you wake up, you will be full of ideas.
    You are in the driver seat of your own destiny and it’s up to you to walk through the doors that are opened for you!
  2. Alex says:
    Really? 45 minutes ago you were a freshmen getting 4 B’s –;_ylt=AiGUPbHW4LIBS25DEQbxnMXty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20111015141926AApTTFq

    But the Ivy League schools, like the vast majority of universities, are very LGBT friendly.

  3. Profit says:
    Fail troll is fail
  4. Amaretta says:
    Nope, your attempt at trolling just isn’t clever enough.

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