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Can I own a harp seal?

Is it possible for me to own a harp seal? Harp seals live in the cold artic, so do I need a cold room for it? I’m not planning to own a harp seal, or course. I’m just basically wondering if anyone can own a harpseal in their home. What about a penguin? Can I own a penguin in my home aswell? I live in the United States.


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2 Responses to "Can I own a harp seal?"

  1. D.E.Bunker says:
    NO,you can’t.
    You’re a child.
    You’re NOT trained & licensed.
    You haven’t the proper facilities or even have a clue what that means.
  2. I ♥ Guinea Pigs! says:
    I actually agree with D.E. Bunker!

    Of course not. A cold room? You can’t recreate a harp seal or penguin habitat, unless they are trained professionals. You have to have licenses of all kinds too. You can’t own those animals in a home, only zoos and things like that can. You just couldn’t provide it with the environment it needed!

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