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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Bankruptcy Help » can Madoff escape to Paraguay like Enron’s Ken Lay did ? California bankruptcy

can Madoff escape to Paraguay like Enron’s Ken Lay did ? California bankruptcy

California is bankrupt by Arnold Schwarzenegger that helped Enron rob the American people. Will Bernard Madoff die from cancer before he gets murdered by russian investors ? Can Madoff escape to Paraguay like Kenneth Lay did ? Max Keiser talks to Stacy Herbert about his new bbc world news show called THE ORACLE and a few predictions ahead of Peter Schiff, ahead of Nouriel Roubini, ahead of Jim Rogers; Angelina Jolie, Doug Kass, hollywood stock exchange, Daryl Hannah and president Barack Obama. Recorded on January 3rd 2009 . . Madoff dying of cancer, fellow inmates say-NY Post Aug 24, 2009 . NEW YORK, Aug 24 (Reuters) – Bernard Madoff, convicted of swindling $65 billion through the biggest-ever Ponzi scheme, has told fellow prison inmates that he is dying of cancer, the New York Post reported on Monday, citing unnamed prison sources. Madoff, 71, who since June has been serving a 150-year sentence at a North Carolina federal prison, has been telling fellow inmates he does not have much longer to live, the Post said, citing the unofficial and unusual sources. The Post said there had been speculation that Madoff was suffering from pancreatic cancer earlier this year. Inmates said Madoff was taking “about 20 pills a day” and “not doing very well.” The Post said Madoff’s lawyer did not return messages Sunday and had previously declined to answer questions about whether Madoff had cancer. Reuters could not reach Madoff lawyer Ira Sorkin immediately for comment


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19 Responses to "can Madoff escape to Paraguay like Enron’s Ken Lay did ? California bankruptcy"

  1. Keither9 says:
    If you want equality between sex obliterate the law. Sex Laws cause division and are unconstitutional but more over, wasteful. Putting any person in jail for sex is the most wasteful thing anyone can do. Sex is not murder its nice and the freaks that thought different are dead wrong. Free political prisoners around the world now becaue people that like sex are more sound minded than people who don’t and people who do are sounder in mind.
  2. hypnofan35 says:
    Cheney’s career revolves somewhat around being some manner of insider and the “ghost interface chip” that Toyota is now experiencing difficulties with. His bldg. got bombed in 1970, and Arnold apparently knew him at that time since he got a degree from econ at that time as well from UWis. The “ghost interface chip” is probably an Israeli project, but has like been duplicated and improved upon about 100 times by now.
  3. graphattic says:
    Correction…. Syrens were in the story of Ullises or else Odysseas, not Hercules.
  4. StarLite9152 says:
    Research the death of Cliff Baxter a former Enron executive, he quit before the scadal broke. They say he committed suicide. It was not suicide. To clear up their conversation on the radio, Elie Wiesel, holocaust survivor and author of the book “Night”. Simon Wiesenthal also a holocaust survivor and spent most of his life hunting down escaped Nazi war criminals. Oh and hey
    America if you think some of those Nazis aren’t here think again. Research Prescott Bush, infamous Nazi lover.
  5. StarLite9152 says:
    My take is, Madoff either doesn’t have it and is already planning to “die” like Ken Lay or they gave it to him in the form of some injection or something (a la Jack Ruby) so he will die before he can spill the beans on all the criminals on Wall Street and in the government. I would belive the Ken Lay thing. Another Enron executive from Houston was “suicided”, he bought a boat the week before he killed himself. Who does that? They kill to silence and they resurrect to protect their lies.
  6. RCEbooks says:
    Rather look at Angelina’s cocksucker LIPS than his ugly ass!
  7. MovingShrapnel says:
    Madoff must have known he was dying before he gave himself up – probably spent the last six months setting up his friends and family with his ill-gotten gains. Wonder if he can get medical marijuana in the nick.
  8. DethSpec says:
    NEW YORK (Reuters) – Bernard Madoff, convicted of swindling $65 billion through the biggest-ever Ponzi scheme, has told fellow prison inmates that he is dying of cancer, the New York Post reported on Monday, citing unnamed prison sources.
  9. DethSpec says:
    Madoff dying of cancer, fellow inmates say: report
    Mon Aug 24, 2009 10:37am EDT

    Looks like they are really following the same old script.

  10. alexeizhig900 says:
    Ken Fake his death…with help form long time lithuanian jew Sheriff Bob Braudis.

    1. Death cert. had time stamp dated the day before his death. Basalt police chief
    did it at Aspen court house around 300 pm on the 4th of July. ( Keith Ikeda)

    2. Coroner brought in from Mesa county.

    3. Entered hospital as inpatient where one person works counter at night.

    4. Collin Powell came to hospital next morning with stomach pains.

  11. ForOrAgainstUs says:
    That wasn’t Hercules, that was Odysseus and the Odyssey. But yeah, who cares? Good show.
  12. sadieaugust says:
    Aaaaaaahahahaha! Obama’s housing plan won’t help the hardest hit areas which are the outer states on the west and east coast and Chicago. CHANGE? You’ve got it, you’ll be living on the streets while Obama pledges 900 million to rebuilt GAZA for his Hamas terrorist buddies.

    Only homeowners in good standing whose loans are held by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac qualify. Read more at Yahoo Business News.

  13. jpschubbs says:
    Ol’ Max keeps burping or something during this thing. I like Max, but he has an irritating effect on people…including me. I like and agree with what he’s saying, but sometimes I want to slap him for his delivery.

    This Ken Lay business is news to me. I’ll have to do a little research before I believe that one.

  14. motret1 says:
    i suspect that madoff will escape to crawford texas were ken lay and osama binladen probably are
  15. mcc11505 says:
    I suspect Madoff will escape to Israel.
  16. Isawanangel1X says:
    hey, maybe paraguay would take the gitmo guys, wouldn’t that be interesting?
  17. CRX35E says:
    oh yeah did you people heard that bush bought like 70,00 acres of land down there in paraguay?
  18. wonOnbi says:
  19. DurAR89 says:
    Thanx Marc, yea, Max Keiser is awesome, well, from what I briefly heard. I know he was on Coasttocoastam, which I hope someone uploads that.

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