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Can my home be saved if i file Chapter 13 bankruptcy? 800-728-3363 800-SAVEDME. Bankruptcy Attorney Jamie Ryke from the Law Offices of Southfield, Michigan and Chicago, Illinois can help you save your home. In this video he explains how he can help you save your home by filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy.


  1. How long after chapter 13 bankruptcy can you purchase a home? Everything that i’ve read says that you can get a home after 1 year in a ch 13 bankruptcy, 2...

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7 Responses to "Can my home be saved if i file Chapter 13 bankruptcy?"

  1. bankruptcyattorney says:
    @CollegePimpin well said.
  2. bankruptcyattorney says:
    @methodtraining If you want to file
    you can’t use credit cards. If you use the
    card then you should not file for at least 90
    days. even then if you used the card with
    no intent to pay back then you may be
    liable for that debt. We do help
    people in Arizona. You can contact me at
  3. methodtraining says:
    I need to file bankruptcy. Here is the problem. I need to go to Israel for business and they only way I can go is by my credit card. I am doing this to save my business. Will I be able to file this as well in my chapter 7. Do you work with people from Arizona as well?
  4. CollegePimpin says:
    Bankruptcy solves debt problems, not income problems.
  5. FACEBUSK says:
    I would guess what happens is you get thrown out of your bankruptcy and the bank takes possession of your house by foreclosure, and it becomes a lengthy drawn out expensive process for both the homeowner and the mortgage company, but I am not a lawyer so dont quote me on that
  6. bankruptcyattorney says:
    You are right. I wish there was something I could say to help but words are a waste. I am sorry for your situation.
  7. ScatterbrainMan says:
    What if you have cancer and cannot work and have no assets and your broke, what if you bankruptcy cost in monthly payments leave you with $25.00 to live which is impossible, what are your options? Bankruptcy won’t solve the problem.

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