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Can refinance my student loan through MY bank?

If I have a student loan at another bank—can refinance them through MY bank where I have my checking account?

I am in repayment now.


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2 Responses to "Can refinance my student loan through MY bank?"

  1. Suddenly Human says:
    If the bank will allow it. But I doubt it, it depends on how much you owe and how good your credit is. It would likely be set up as a signature loan,,, and not a student loan. Meaning this would be bad for you, you could not deduct the interest you pay on your taxes, you could no longer defer payments for hardship circumstances or going back to school. If they are federal loans, you could not have them forgiven if you become disabled or die. Don’t do it. It doesn’t help you any to refinance… except maybe make your interest rate higher.
  2. physicist says:
    You probably can if you have multiple loans, ie disbursements. Ask about consolidating. If they are federal loans then you might want to shop around a bit. I consolidated my loans after I graduated a few years ago, and while the rates were determined by the government different companies did have differences in payment structures, discounts for electronic payments, on-time payment rewards, and I even got 2% rebate when I consolidated. Granted the market has changed since then, but you still should check out the options.

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