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Can some one recommend an affordable Bankruptcy Attorney?

In Arizona close to Phx or if they take cases over the phone.


  1. Can anyone recommend an affordable bankruptcy lawyer in Miami, FL? I have decided to file for bankruptcy, however, I don’t know how to go about it. I also don’t have...

  2. Does anyone know of or could recommend a bankruptcy attorney in Gainesville Ga.? needing to find out information on reputable bankruptcy attorney in Gainesville Georgia. ...

  3. Could you recommend the best Phoenix bankruptcy attorney lawyer ? Im looking for a bankruptcy lawyer in Phoenix AZ. I need help filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy. I’m looking for...

  4. Finding a Bankruptcy Attorney in Payson Arizona Financial burdens are very tiring and difficult to handle on your own. When you feel like you struggle daily to...

  5. Affordable Legal Help – Lawyer Attorney For Bankruptcy Divorce Lawsuit Alimony Injury.. For affordable legal help! Benefits Include * Unlimited Consultations* * Document* Review * Discounts “… the ability to...

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3 Responses to "Can some one recommend an affordable Bankruptcy Attorney?"

  1. Chuwaca says:
    Aguasnte argentia eaeaeaeaaaaaaaa yo proo!! xDxDxD
  2. allardja says:
    I would recommend going to a site like and just typing “bankruptcy attorney” in the search field. Or you could check your phone book. Sorry, but I’m not from AZ.
  3. debttaxguy says:
    I am a bankruptcy atttorney, here is what I suggest. You can do a quick consultation over the phone, but most people including me don’t. The laws require that you come in and sign releases before I can even consult with you on your case. Congress has designated us as debt relief agencies.

    Here is what to look for. Most of us who work very hard at this and try to do a good job, belong to the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys. You can go to the associations website and see the others that belong to the association in your area.

    If you are searching elsewhere be very careful. Bankruptcy law is very complicated and rules driven, unlike say your local state divorce court. You can lose in bankruptcy and not even know what happened if you are not on top of things. A lot of people have jumped in the field that have never filed a bankruptcy before in the last six months. Ask how many cases the person has filed and how long they have been practicing in the bankruptcy area of law?

    If you go to a firm and you only meet with paralegals or secretaries in the consultation, run. Every day , I have to go through each case with all the information they have given me and decide on the best course of action for the client. Costs vary state to state. Be aware of someone who wants to put you in a chapter 13 that you cannot afford to pay in order to gain more attorney’s fees. Don’t file the case yourself unless you have to. Congress complicated the process so much in 2005, that it is virtually impossible to sucessfully file the case yourself without getting the case dismissed. A good attorney is worth every dime to get your credit restored and to make sure that you don’t get sued later over an old debt.

    Tim Cook

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