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Can someone give me advice about private student loan consolidation?

I currently have Sallie Mae loans. As many of you know they will take you to the bank on interest and other fees. Does anyone have any advice on who might be willing to consolidate these god awful private loans. I don’t want to be in debt forever! Any great advice is greatly appreciated!


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4 Responses to "Can someone give me advice about private student loan consolidation?"

  1. Cary 1971 says:
    There are many companies/banks that do this. If they’re private loans then it will depend on your credit history. Try Wells Fargo Bank or any other major bank. Go to

    Sallie Mae is good for government student loans. Make sure you have your rates locked in whenever possible.

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  3. 346j76 says:
    they’ll hassle you forever, i was in a similar situation, go here:

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