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Can someone’s legal power of attorney file bankruptcy for them?

My mother is bed ridden and unable to go to a lawyer’s office to file bankruptcy papers for herself. I am wondering I am with my rights to do so on her behalf as her legal power of attorney?

How does someone who is bed ridden and infirmed to the point that they cannot travel file for bankruptcy? She is not able to go do an office visit and needs someone to come to her residence to sign the paperwork. I am asking this question because I thought I could do so as her representative and legal power of attorney.


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3 Responses to "Can someone’s legal power of attorney file bankruptcy for them?"

  1. Feeling Mutual says:
    She needs her BANKRUPTCY ATTORNEY to file for her.

    Bankruptcy is complex enough, this is not your forte, if it was, you would not be asking in Y! answers…

  2. wife of marine says:
    The answer I am sure will be no. You need to refer to the legal documents outlining your power of attorney rights and limitations. No two are the same. For example, your POA papers may state that you can only do financial business for her if she is found to be mentally imcompetent by a medical professional. Your power of attorney may not be connected to her finances at all.

    Keep in mind, there really isn’t any POWER in power of attorney. It can be revoked at any time and it also ceases at death.

  3. NunyaBidNess says:
    Yes you can…… but the Bankruptcy attorney can and will send someone to the residence to sign the papers if need be…

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