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Can somobody correct my grammar?

Hyo Eun Won
Section: 0202
Oct, 12. 2010

Concert Review #1

I attended the concert for University of Maryland Wind Orchestra. Before the concert

began, I got the program in advance and skimmed through it in order to understand their

performance better. The theme of the concert was an exploration of music that’s “off the beaten

path.” The concert began! Each performers seemed a little nervous but they seemed excited about

playing music. The conductor first introduced what kind of music they were going to perform and

gave brief explanations about those pieces of music. The first music they played was Suite in B-flat,

Op. 4 by Richard Strauss. The music was played by only using aerophone. The main instruments

played in this music were oboes, clarinets, and a double bass, and flutes. The tempo of the music

keeps changing. The beginning is a allegro movement. In the middle, the tempo gets slow. It was

andante which is walking speed of the tempo. The sound of various aerophone harmonized

simultaneously in a beautiful manner. The second one was Sparrows by Joseph Schwantner. I

remembered the conductor’s saying Sparrows is his favorite piece of the concert. So, I paid more

attention to it. The voice, soprano was supported by three instrumental groups, woodwinds,

strings, and a combination of piano, harp, and percussion. It consist of 15 haiku with separate and

short movements. I could definitely see how she tried hard to interact with audience. Her facial

expression and her body motion showed that she is really engaged in this music. But the

movements were played without any pause. The ensemble created an astonishingly wide range of

atmospheres and colors. The tone of the music was exotic, producing a mysterious atmosphere of

danger. It was very intimate and touching! The same melody kept repeating over and over again. The

third one was Grand Pianola Music by John Adams. Winds, brass, percussion. Two bass drums

and the grand pianos are involved in it. Three female voices also sing wordless harmony, floating

above the band in triads, while imitating the crisp staccato of the winds and brass. I could see how

she tried hard to interact with audience. Her facial expression and her body motion showed that she

is really engaged in this music. The two piano players used the technique of imitative counterpoint.

They played same melody but with one slightly behind the other. Changing different key of the scale

made the tone of the music differently. I loved the concert!


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One Response to "Can somobody correct my grammar?"

  1. Princess says:
    I only read the first little bit. The sentences are very short and down to point. I find it very boring to read. If you are young i apologize but it seems as though english is your second language. If I were you I would re write it and blend things together better rather than abruptly stating. I always re write things at least once so that i can form my ideas better.

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