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can the FDIC go broke in 2011 ?

Bob Chapman talks to Melody Cedarstrom about the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and Bank of America bankruptcy recorded on December 18th 2009


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25 Responses to "can the FDIC go broke in 2011 ?"

  1. LossSharecroppers says:
    Check out my video
    and my blog by googling “Loss Sharecroppers of America”
  2. DirtyVegas7 says:
    Can the FDIC go BROKE IN 2011…….STOP IT…..IN 2011….Let’s talk about 2010 FDIC is already insolvent RIGHT NOW.
  3. innHD says:
    put money in safes he he
  4. megawarpvideo says:
    Of course banks have money… but some have a bad balance. So when for example there’s a run on a bank it could collapse cause of insufficient funds to fullfill obligations.
    It’s much harder now to borrow money cause of the recession/depression.
  5. MrMollypockets says:
    you lying dickhead,Igot that from the same source???????ofcourse you did,,,the back of your head,,,,,u r a really terrible reporter?
  6. MrMollypockets says:
    not really?//////if the banks world wide have no money(then were is all the money stored at,,,,,under the bed?????,,,,,,,,,,no)
  7. MrMollypockets says:
    ?????????IF YOU PEOPLE WOULD SUBSCRIBE THEN???????that is what he just said!!!!rewind and listen??????he does make all this up???this bank stuff is happening right now,,,,do some research for yourself and keep any money you got in your pocket
  8. mabbie312 says:
    EXTREMELY strict EVEN on gauranteed funds like cashiers checks and Government or State checks. It’s pretty bad
  9. Numonic7 says:
    Yeah, you’re seeing stricter physical cash withdrawal limits?
  10. mabbie312 says:
    thats EXACTLY what I am seeing at my financial institution =o
  11. drowsy4 says:
    I know you are right. I am just trying to makes some sense of it all. I cannot see anyway out of this mess, without collapse, but then what? Go find a cave to live in? Looks like are headed to being an upsidedown country owned by foreigners.
  12. megawarpvideo says:
    The Federal Reserve prints more money, and the Government does “stimulus packages” which increase the national debt , so stable products prices stay up.
    Interest on the debt rises.
    More money printing = inflation = losing purchasing power.
    Dollar becomes worthless and americans get enslaved in debt.

    Every penny in your pocket right now is not really yours its owed to the Fed and foreign bankers.

    The Fed is a private banking cartel owned by international bankers who profit by bankrupting USA

  13. drowsy4 says:
    2 things, Can’t the government continue to print more and more money? And, if I am not mistaken, Lewis took 600 million dollar pension when he left BofA. What do you think of these things, or am I wrong?
  14. jwerner79 says:
    very true
  15. jwerner79 says:
    good point
  16. jwerner79 says:
    FDIC is suing me trying to steal my house.
  17. Numonic7 says:
    You can keep up with the FDIC fund as I have been writing about it on this site: marketskeptics and search for “gold market reaching a breaking point”. I am Numonic
  18. Numonic7 says:
    Actually the FDIC only has $16.349 billion left as of today not including the $45 billion it’s supposed to get from the bank prepayments because that $45 billion doesn’t exist yet.
  19. Numonic7 says:
    why isn’t my stuff showing.
  20. Numonic7 says:
    Devaluation of dollar in the sense our currency devalued when our currency was made of gold will take place like this: For every physical dollar you withdraw, your account will be debited $2 and for every physical dollar you deposit your account will be credited $2. So all the cash that is out there will be going to banks and very little will be leaving. The actions of the banks are saying, physical cash is in high demand and low supply right now. Expect stricter cash withdrawal limits.
  21. Numonic7 says:
    my comments weren’t showing before, just checking now.
  22. vinny1010 says:
    Haha, very true! Let’s see if there is an official devaluation – all good for PM holders :)
  23. jhunted7667 says:
    what will happen is that they will officially devalue the dollar , your correct it is happenning as we speak , but they won’t officially say anything until they have taken all the Gold that they think that they can get out of the american people , you know WE BUY GOLD where do you think all that Gold is going
  24. RapidCaptureAU says:
    There is one currency backed 100% by gold.
    And in 1 million years one gram of gold will be worth 1 gram of gold.
    Most people can not understand this simple fact.
    I did not.
  25. Hendo1974 says:
    Actually, he is 74 years old! Gold Meister!

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