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Can you file for Bankruptcy on your own without an Attorney?

I can read well, follow instructions and I can do the leg work on my own. Where can I obtain information on the qualifications and needed forms and actions I need to fill out and do?Thanks for answering. please I’m looking for specific Information. Thank you! I need to take care of my problems due to loss of job last year and I’m getting on my feet this year,but I’m still plagued by about 13,000 in debt.


  1. Do you need an attorney to file bankruptcy? If not, how does one go about filing? I’m looking for information about how a person can file bankruptcy on a specific credit card, if I so choose....

  2. Can you file Bankruptcy without an attorney? Can you file Bankruptcy without an attorney? Please do not say “Pay your bills”. The bankruptcy is due to an...

  3. Is it possible to file bankruptcy by myself (with no attorney involved)? Unfortantely due to divorce and the economy I’m very behind on my utilities and credit cards. I feel helpless. I...

  4. I recently had to file bankruptcy and my attorney failed to file the reaffirmation paperwork with the court.? The mortgage is in good standing but its not reporting to the credit agencies. If I have proof of payments...

  5. Can I file for bankruptcy on my own without an attorney? someone told me I don’t have to hire an attorney to file bankruptcy, is that true? If so, is there...

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One Response to "Can you file for Bankruptcy on your own without an Attorney?"

  1. S B says:
    Just google “bankruptcy” and you’ll find a boatload of resources.

    I realize that you can read well, follow instructions, etc., but there’s no way that I would handle something this serious without the benefit of a lawyer. Check out your local yellow pages and don’t be afraid to negotiate your price.

    For do it yourself:

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