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Can you get a real estate loan (Gov/Trad) to purchase a more affordable home when you are now in a foreclosure

Job loss and injury caused us to fall behind on our mortgage payments. The Bank wouldn’t work with us and began foreclosure proceedings after 30 days late. We cannot afford our current home. We are trying to sell, but the sheriffs sale has happened, our time to sell is limited. We have located a different home that is 1 1/2 times cheaper & will allow us to make MUCH lower house payments. We have some money to put down (the bank wouldn’t take partial payments, work out repayment plan etc..) but we need to finance the balance for this different home. Our credit is terrible now because of this but we need a home for our family & children…are there any loan programs (government or traditional) out there to help us get into this home. We tried going Contract for Deed but the Foreclosure Co. wants to cut the home loose (the home we are trying to buy is a foreclosed property that needs repairs but the payment would be $100′s less than we pay now) -Any guidance would be appreciated.


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  1. rhsaunders says:
    Talk to your bank, and talk to a loan broker. I have used both with good results. Your real estate agent should be able to suggest a good loan broker; that’s how I found mine. He put together a reasonable package (it wasn’t cheap), and two years later we refinanced into a much more reasonable mortgage.

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