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Can you receive a student loan after you have filed bankruptcy?

I filed bankruptcy in 2000. I have heard rumors that once you have filed bankruptcy and listed your student loans on it, you cannot receive any other educational financial assistance. My bankruptcy was discharged in 2001. At that time, I did have a student loan that I listed on my bankruptcy. However, it was not discharged. I would like to further my studies to obtain my masters degree and I would like to obtain a student loan if possible. I am seeking assistance in finding options to help me with this. Any information anyone can provide to assist me with this will be greatly appeciated.


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9 Responses to "Can you receive a student loan after you have filed bankruptcy?"

  1. mindy22xx says:
    you can still get student loans but you will have to pay off your old student loan first, i filed babnkruptcy and i get student loans
  2. project achieve says:
    I believe that bankruptcy will not pick up a student loan. It’s a federal thing. Student loans have to be paid back by the individual “eventually” I am pretty sure that you should be able to still get a loan to further your education. Good luck
  3. Turd Ferguson says:
    probly not, bankruptcy is like the black spot on your credit…not good
  4. car_craze_gal 1970 says:
  5. tateronmycouch says:
    Bankruptcy does not cover money owed to the government (such as child support, taxes, and yes, student loans.) You will need to pay off your previous student loans first (if they are in collection), but student loans are not credit-based and you should be able to eventually get another one.
  6. jasonblatch says:
    take a look at the legislation on bankruptcy.
    i was made bankrupt just prior to recieving my student loan.
    the legislation states that student loans fall out side of the estate of the bankrupt.
    u will have no problem with the Official Receiver on this matter.A student loan made before or after the start of a student’s bankruptcy is not regarded as an asset that the trustee may claim, if a balance of the loan remains payable.
    e Official Receiver on this matter.
  7. Alberto says:
    Federal student loans cannot be discharged in a bankruptcy. However, I imagine since you filed for bankruptcy you could not/would not pay back your student loan. And after nine months of non-payment on your student loan you defaulted.

    If you default on a student loan you are no longer eligible for federal student aid. This is to protect US taxpayers who had to pick up the tab on your defaulted loan from having to give out more money to such a high risk person. In some cases if you do repay the entire defaulted loan you may regain some eligibilty.

  8. Shone says:
    I definately recommend They have a lot of good resources.

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