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Can you refinance student loans after consolidation?

I consolidated my student loans years ago (when interest rates were high). Last year I called my lender to see if I could refinance and take advantage of the lower interests rates. I was told that I could not do this because I had already consolidated my student loans and you would not refinance without consolidation. Is there any way around this?

I am back in school and currently paying cash for tuition. If I instead took out a small student loan this term, could I then consolidate that loan with my other student loan and take advange of the lower interest rates that way?


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One Response to "Can you refinance student loans after consolidation?"

  1. KyFADirector says:
    Your lender is correct. I would think the only way you could refinance and get a lower rate would be if you borrowed a new loan from a bank or an equity loan on your house and used those funds to pay off the consolidated loan.

    Now if you borrow now you can reconsolidate all your new loans with your old loans but the interest rate will be a combination of the rate on the old loans and the rate on the new loan not what the old loans would be if they were not consolidated currently so unless you borrow a lot more it won’t drop your interest that much.

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