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Can you take legal action against your insolvency practioner?

My partner and I went to a IP to seek advice to as whether an IVA would be a suitable path for us and were adviced that yes, it would be. The first thing you are told to is stop paying creditors, of which we did, we were informed that the entire process would only take 6 weeks but 3 months down the line we are still at what seems like square one. One of our creditors has now gone for our house, we even have a court date. Our IP has now said that we stand to lose our house, a position we wouldn’t be if we’d never have gone for the IVA. We were considering selling and downsizing and coping with debt ourselves and now we are so far behind with payments and financially worse off than what we were.

We have only acted upon instruction from our IP and now we face losing our house!!!!

Can we take legal action against them if this happens? They promised to send out letters they never did, they left our case stale for the entire month of July and have only just sent out informing letters.

Nope, whenever they want something it is done & returned asap. They seem to be very slack hence why I want to know what action we can taake, if any, against them. We’d be up to date with payments & our mortgage would be safe if it wasn’t for our IP.


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One Response to "Can you take legal action against your insolvency practioner?"

  1. scranasha says:
    it doesn’t usually take that long. only if there waiting for information from you.

    go onto they have a great forum all about iva’s there are lots of I.P’s and people who are in IVA’s themselves who post on there regular and will give you the best advise on where to go from here.

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