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Can your wages get garnished if you are making payments?

I have a student loan with Sallie Mae that is behind. I send what I can every month but because I am behind about $2,000 for the year they are saying that they are going to garnish my wages.

I have exhausted all my deferments and they will not refinance to a lower monthly fee because I am so far behind. They are not offering me any other options and are not working with me at all. Even though I’ve told them I’ve had two major surgeries (one kidney transplant and six months later removal of my old kidney) in the past 10 months and as a result have missed a substantial amount of work.

Can they garnish my wages?


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5 Responses to "Can your wages get garnished if you are making payments?"

  1. countrykarebare says:
    yes.They can do whatever it takes to get their money back.
  2. smartblonde says:
    Yes. The absolutely can. When you accepted the loan, you had to agree to the terms and conditions of the loan. One of the terms, which is in every loan, is that they reserve the right to garnish your wages if you go into default after a certain amount of time. You agreed to it.
  3. Ginger says:
    Unfortunately, I think they can. Student loan guidelines are pretty strict about repayment criteria.

    Look into refinancing with a different company. It may be difficult since you are behind on your payments but it is worth an effort.

    Also, if you can afford to take a couple of cheap college courses at a community college or something, your loan could go into a deferment period and give you time to get on your feet.

  4. Catherine M says:
    yup, or they could take your tax money. i would look into some sort of credit counseling, they could help you out probably
  5. jennifer g says:
    I agree with the other poster who suggested you go back to college, half time will keep you in deferment, also, if your on disability (ssi/ssdi) that is not attachable, meaning they cannot garnish that or any money in your bank account that came from it.

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