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Cancel my contract with freedom debt relief?

What will happen if I cancel my contract with Freedom Debt Relief? Will I get any money back from the Company? What will I lose?


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3 Responses to "Cancel my contract with freedom debt relief?"

  1. CaliRedRose says:
    I worked with them a while ago and I couldn’t imagine not completing the program. I know that they work with people if it seems like your payment isn’t affordable for you. Maybe they can help with your situation. I know that the road to becoming debt free isn’t easy, but stick with it if you can. It’s worth it in the end.

    In any event, you should call them to talk about your program. They will give you the best information on the next steps for you. The main number is 800-544-7211.

  2. waldenconnor says:
    I just answered your other question, so I’d start there – but the quick answer is that you get to keep whatever funds have accumulated in your savings account (it’s your bank account, in your name).

    You would lose any work done to date and any contractual fees paid, but not your settlement savings. You should call the company and help them advise you of the best course of action. They’re pretty friendly and very accomodating, even when things get tough for you or your budget and ability to keep making your deposits.

    Let us know how it goes and good luck amigo.

  3. iliveiride says:
    You will get any saved funds from your settlement account back. I believe their fees are non-refundable but I know that there are no early termination penaties. You should re-consider if possible, these guys are the leaders in debt settlement. I helped my aunt enroll in this program about 2 years ago and she’s almost eliminated all her debt!

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