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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Bankruptcy Help » Capital Account: Jim Rogers on QE3, MF Global and his Outlook for Gold (11/22/11)

25 Responses to "Capital Account: Jim Rogers on QE3, MF Global and his Outlook for Gold (11/22/11)"

  1. glassandroid says:
    she talks about the fed as if they are not criminal…

    she needs to watch FREEDOM to FASCISM by Aaron Russo.



  2. rosemaya48 says:
    How many more corruption cases is it going to take before people realise that US Congress and US Corporations are in bed together and are organized criminals. CEOs are gang bosses.
  3. ChrisPCrunchy says:
    Government is organised crime at its most organised level.
  4. ChrisPCrunchy says:
    Notice how M F Global steels customer funds & goes bust so they dont have to pay them back. The CME fails to reimburse customer funds even though brokers on their exchange are forced to pay collectively billions into a CME trust fund. This fund is for the express purpose of refunding client accounts in the event of a brokerage failure.These funds have also been stolen! Notice how as commodity traders flee this bankrupt exchange the paper price of precious metals drops. Buy only Physical gold!
  5. PADRAEG says:
    CORRUPTION NOW IS MORE DEMOCRATIC… like Obama, who decimated all honest Dems. Martha should never have done jail time, but its not related to current corruption… silly!
  6. itsthekush says:
    To be fair as well, we weren’t in a debt crisis as badly in the 80′s, BUT to think that the monetary powers-that-be are all out of ammo is kind of silly in my mind. I still am wondering what keeps a jubilee off the table in many peoples minds. I believe everyone at this point holds some kind of debt to each other. (hell, even blacked out North Korea has to import some things) Though let me go on the record as saying, we aint out of the woods yet, so the next few years will be interesting.
  7. itsthekush says:
    @pringenb Gonna agree with Walden and RandyToof here, gotta hold up many “truthers” to the light just like them evil mainstream types.

    Think back to the 80′s the last time inflation and recession were causing the sky to fall… those that bought in @ 50 dollar silver had to wait… 30 years to break even. In all fairness, shit could hit the fan today, but just be wary of those claiming to have all the answers.

  8. waldentree says:
    @pringenb He’s one of the officially accepted ‘alternative’ view points. Of course the system is manipulated, corrupt and deceptive, but self-servers like Rogers et al won’t give you the truth either.
  9. pringenb says:
    i know right?-why would any one want to hear the truth about how the fed works? or how our market is manipulated and the gov’t is complicit is stealing money along w companies like MF G?
    now let’s go take our lithium and listen to our official msnbc/ cnn/ fox news propaganda.
    What would we do without the officially accepted version of truth? We’d actually have to hear uncomfortable facts!- and we all know that’t not what we want.
  10. waldentree says:
    @RandyToof Only fools take Jim Rogers seriously. He’s worse than Peter Schiff.
  11. TheNthomas1999 says:
    @RandyToof Where was he wrong about either? He said that Gold would be consolidating and says that it’ll probably go down to 1200. If you think that the dollar is safe with the Fed buying up all the debt. We’ve shot all of our bullets we can’t cut interest rates anymore, we have trillions in junk debt in the fed. We are far from being out of this mess! If anything he has been right on everything!
  12. RandyToof says:
    Rogers was WRONG about the dollar, WRONG about gold. Now he is changing his tune!
    What else is new? lol
  13. Stevie68000 says:
    France President, Nicholas Sarkozy —- Jew
  14. alphaknave says:
    @whereismybailouttv Government manipulation.
  15. bluesmann8 says:
    now that’s reporting! go RT!
  16. whereismybailouttv says:
    Point #2. For several years, Rogers has been saying the dollar’s finished, get out of it, I’m dumping my dollars and so on. Now 2011. He still has US dollars.

    (a) He keeps talking about going away from the rest of the crowd.
    (b) He doesn’t really believe that. But he says it to keep getting on global business shows.
    (c) Yes, he’s hustling just like vereyone else for the maximum return while he can still get it.

  17. whereismybailouttv says:
    Here’s a question that the business MSM never answers.

    If gold, silver and other commodities are such great hedges against inflation and a devalued dollar, why are there such wild extremes in prices?

  18. EugenieFranval2 says:
    Corzine fellow Democrat and arch-crook Bill “Slick Willie” Clinton received $50,000 in “returns” MONTHLY from MF Global right up until the time of bankruptcy.
  19. Stevie68000 says:
    Enemy of Greece, Ireland,Italy,Spain & USA- Jew

    1.Goldman Sachs CEO, Lyold Blankfein-Jew

    2.IMF Deputy CEO,John Lisky-Jew

    3.Ex IMF CEO,Dominic Strauss-Jew

    4.World Bank CEO, Robert Zoellick-Jew

    5.Ex World Bank CEO, James Wolfesen-Jew

    6.Fed Chairman, Ben Bernanke-Jew

    7.Ex Fed Chairman, Alan Greenspan-Jew

    8.Obama Treasury Secretary, Tim Geithner-Jew

    9.George Bush Treasury Secretary, Hank Paulson-Jew

  20. GalaktikNinjA says:
    @bullshit3118 “Rogers is one of those fiat money crooks” Thats completely false. Jim Rogers called the commodities bull run around ten years ago. Whenever he’s asked what he invests in he replies, “Gold, Silver, Agriculture”
  21. gsapp59 says:
    Miss Lyster, I’ve been naughty. Can I get a spanking?
  22. tzontlilic says:
    Why do you even bother with these people? They don’t understand jack. Just think about helping yourself and your family.

    I have given up on the public. They can enjoy their illusion of prosperity until one day they wake up and they find themselves not able to afford the basic needs for living.

    And anyone says gold is not money probably never travels. Try to see if you can easily turn your gold into some goods in different country and it answers your question.

  23. edwardwills says:
    Damn, Miss Lyster, you listening
  24. TheJameslai says:
    Love your show Lauren!

    Our government and regulators are filled with ex bankers or bought by bankers, that is why Corzine is not in jail. If this was a in the 1800s, Corzine would be taken out to the guillotine immediately!

  25. TheJameslai says:
    Love your show Lauren!

    Our government and regulators are filled with ex bankers or bought by bankers, that is why Corzine is not in jail. If this was in the 1800s, Corzine would be taken out to the guillotine immediately!

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