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Career advice for Sarah PALIN

This is a little essay I wrote, summing up what I think Sarah PALIN should do now that she is no longer governor of ALASKA. Enjoy! Sarah PALIN has just resigned the governorship of Alaska. There is much speculation about she will do next and what place, if any, she should have in American political life. Heres my opinion on that matter. Let me first ask a question: what do hockey moms, 2nd amendments rights fanatics and social conservatives have in common? They all absolutely love Sarah PALIN. With this kind of backing, Sarah PALIN definitely has a place in American politics; so long as this place is not the oval office or any other office exercising executive, judiciary or legislative power). She is just does not have what it takes to truly excel in public office. I would recommend that Sarah PALIN become an activist like Al GORE, Reverend Al SHARPTON or BONO. Hear me out. All these men hold no current political position yet they wield tremendous power and clout in their respective fields. BONO, an Irish rock star, has become the leading voice for African debt relief. African debt relief of all things! One would think that a prerequisite for that job would be actually being an African citizen or that the job would go to some charismatic African politician or activist; but nope its BONO, the lead singer of the greatest Irish rock band ever. So when hes not rocking the stage, BONO can be found at international meetings pleading on behalf of Africa with the rich and


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6 Responses to "Career advice for Sarah PALIN"

  1. albatrossforlife says:
    Presidential requirements: Natural Born US Citizen, spent a minimum of the past 14 years in the united states and at least 35 years of age. Those are the qualifications. As for your “spokesperson” comment……no comment…it will just piss you off.
  2. Dragindad says:
    Well said.
    Superb idea.
  3. Nielsmele says:
    Thanks for the comments. I should have just written that I thought she was unqualified for the presidency… which makes it harder to run for VP and I can’t think of any other position she would like to run for.
  4. Nielsmele says:
    Thank you for that feedback I’ll edit the video… I should have just put qualified for the presidency. There’s really no other office someone like her can have though… thanks for the feedback… I’ll add the new video as soon is its made.

    Don’t you think she’d make a great spokesperson.

  5. albatrossforlife says:
    Palin not qualified for public office? Why don’t you research the qualifications for each office and get back to me.
  6. SharpasaKnife1 says:
    What does Africa have to do with the United States? Accept our charity, but stay out of our politics..Obama,we have found out, was the One..that wasn’t qualified..We need Sarah to get us back to fiscal conservativism and reduce the size of government..

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