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Carlos Justo–The Rise & Fall Of Miami’s Luxury Realtor To The Stars

(2/12/09) Celebrity realtor Carlos Justo adopts a Zen-like attitude towards personal bankruptcy and multiple home foreclosures as Miami’s once Hot luxury home market Cools off. Background Articles: “Connected, Fabulous … and Broke”: Video: ABC NEWS


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23 Responses to "Carlos Justo–The Rise & Fall Of Miami’s Luxury Realtor To The Stars"

  1. cubedmack says:
    Real estate agent are never good investers. I am a real estate investor and I deal with a lot of agents and I’ve met agents who didn’t know shit about investing in real estate. This guy Carlos had to many mortages on his investment properties. Like he said, he got to greedy. He was never worth 20mill, because he had to much debt.
  2. jessedean87 says:
    from cuba to janitor to flipping burger to being worth 20 mill to bankruptcy. he hasn’t not lived an eventful life..
    he even takes responsibility for where he is. thats powerful
  3. LSUcHamp606 says:
    lmao… this guy is crying bankruptcy and has a f’n group of monks chanting to him in his house?!?! smh
  4. Unclelou13 says:
    LEARN THE LESSON CARLOS JUSTO…… I remember when i used to work at Cafe Avanti ( Miami Beach ) and this SON OF A BITCH would come in and demanded good service and good wine bottles and this CHEAP BASTARD always used whine and cry about the price of everything at the restaurant ……. be humble Carlos ,,,,, BE HUMBLE GAY GUY ….
  5. pandolin1 says:
    @towo17, I knew him when he was a teenager and had just bought a home, a gift, for his parents. That was his beginning if I recall. He has always been a good, honorable and lovable man. We were pals for a few years back then. Reid.
  6. MrTinago says:
    “There is a difference between being poor and being broke. Broke is temporary, and poor is eternal.”

    it’s good to cry on board of rolles royce whether than be a happy on bycycle.

  7. RossEnzo says:
    @rowempire Hard work, and good investments. 
  8. socal1000 says:
    he will never be poor beacuse he has contacts that will get him listing even if he has to drop to a lower market say 700k- 2 million he will always live comfortable maybe not 20 million dollars comfy but at least 2-3 hundred thousand dollars a year
  9. lffm07 says:
    Awesome guy =D 
  10. jippyful says:
    What kind of songs is in the begening of the video.kind of song and Title of the song please =)
  11. momo5288 says:
    that wasn’t a rolls royce it was a bmw 7 series, just saying ;)
  12. 2MIAMI says:
    Who really cares about the rise and fall of the ego you get payed for the value you take to the market place so therefore become more valuable to the market place and have your priorities in order your health, your family , etc
  13. ramona2400 says:
    Carlos is the best and very inspiration to poeple really interested in real estate – he is open and ready to help all who want to work he is a living legend in miami
  14. ramona2400 says:
    Bravo Carlos – you are a great person – and I would love to work for you – Best wishes – you will bring the market back.
  15. MoneyLoverism says:
    You’re obviously as misinformed as you are critical of people you could never be. Everyone who wants one can buy a star island map and boat or helicopter tour, you don’t live on that island because you value your privacy. That’s why there’s Fischer Island…

    But, meh… You think living next to an Estafan is dropping names so… Good luck with your shobiz tonight and tabloids.

  16. MoneyLoverism says:
    He’s the “idiot”, yet you were the one whose time he owned…

    Think about that one skippy.

  17. MoneyLoverism says:
    Carlos will be back. He’ll learn from his mistakes and he’ll do better if he doesn’t give up.

    Once you know how to make it you can never lose that.

    All these critics are broke losers. Fact.

  18. Ryan39551987 says:
    For someone who sits crossleged in a Range rover with no shoes doesnt give a fuck-he got it easy and lost it easy. He does not give a fuck cuz he came from nothing to being something.
  19. farahmichael says:
    It’s a BMW btw,… Not a Rolls…
  20. jeff99az says:
    he appears to have a good attitude despite losing everything. but I don’t think he’s coming back … economy is still tanking and RE won’t be coming back anytime soon (not the 2 yrs he predicts … it will be LONGER) … and he seems clueless about finance and too full of hype.
  21. tiparker119 says:
    I would not want him to be my realtor…when he points out the property of famous people…to be that is not good when you want to remain your privacy…!! A good realtor would not “drop names”…
  22. GTDyno says:
    Haha… WoW! Best of luck! I know a bunch of greedy bastards like him…in the exact same position. I hope he learned.
  23. gigga747 says:
    “There is a difference between being poor and being broke. Broke is temporary, and poor is eternal.”

    Carlos Justo will return !!

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