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The Ugly Truth About The Housing Crisis Part 1

Mirrored With Permission. Part 1 of 2 parts. The reasons to get out of real estate. … Read entire article »

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Donald Trump Failure Called Out In MSNBC Interview

MSNBC host Cenk Uygur speaks with Michael Isikoff about his hard-hitting interview with potential 2012 Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. … Read entire article »

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How To Stop Foreclosure In Seven Days Flat

A High-converting Product Designed To Help People Save Their Homes, Delivering A Proven Step-by-step Formula That Helps People Stop Foreclosure In Its Tracks. Exclusive Video Course, Plus Comprehensive Supporting Materials. How To Stop Foreclosure In Seven Days Flat … Read entire article »

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we have more bills than we can pay & we don’t beleve in bankruptcy, what can i expect to see happen (legally)?

i’m 9 months pregnant and waiting to give birth at any moment, we also have a 3 year old little boy. since he was born i haven’t worked full time, but have on occasion worked part time for my old employer (when needed)…they’ve since gotten rid of pretty much everyone and don’t need any extra help. i would go get something in the evening (like at a store or fastfood) but most places in my area are not hiring and the ones that are- are definitely NOT hiring 9 mo. pregnant women… anyway, my dh found out today they are cutting his hours. we will have an excess of about 250 month IF we ONLY pay for our housing and utilities, i’m already deferring my student loans, and we would have NO … Read entire article »

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Reason’s Nick Gillespie and Matt Welch Present The Declaration of Independents

Please RATE and SHARE this video, and subscribe to our channel for more videos from Cato! Reason editors Nick Gillespie and Matt Welch introduce their new book, “The Declaration of Independents: How Libertarian Politics Can Fix What’s Wrong with America,” with a multimedia presentation in the Hayek Auditorium. “In a world where our [political] choices are limited to John Boehner and Nancy Pelosi, the survivors envy the dead,” they write. But that’s not the world they actually see. They argue that despite our stunted politics, despite national bankruptcy, despite the war on drugs, revolutionary innovators have changed our world over the past 40 years: Vaclav Havel and the Plastic People of the Universe, Herb Kelleher and Southwest Airlines, Tiger Woods and the breakdown of categories, the personalization of media, and … Read entire article »

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Manifest Out of Debt

TODAY IS THE DAY YOUR LIFE IS GOING TO CHANGE, YOUR WHOLE AWARENESS THE MOMENT YOU TAKE THE FIRST STEP AND CLICK BELOW TO GRAB THIS EBOOK ON HOW TO SET YOURSELF FREE FROM DEBT TODAY!! $20 SECURE PARTY INTRO VIDEO Secure Party Creditor Course $65 Freedom COURSE The ENROLLMENT fee for the class is Now Reduced from $150 to $65.00 for the whole course. Your receiving the video training and documents to help you with your Secure Party Status. Here is the description of the class. Send Via Paypal to: Once you make the payment I will invite you in. The Air Cars Join the Private Club of Millonaire Minded people moving you out of the slave mind state STOP FORECLOSURES … Read entire article »

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$16k in debt–Solutions?

Hi! My husband and I have about $10k in debt split up through 5 credit cards, and personal loan for about $6k. However, we do own a home with a mortgage of only $100k, and are making payments on a car we purchased about a year ago. I have heard that debt programs can kill your credit score by just not making the payments at all, then they threaten with bankruptcy. Right now I am currently looking for a job, but my husband is in the Military. Do any of you have a solution, or know any debt management companies that do not screw you over? We are current on all of our payments, but the debt just became a realization. Thanks. … Read entire article »

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I had withdrawn large sums from different Credit Cards.?

I had withdrawn large sums from different Credit Cards. And I have about four years I am paying large sums of money as a minimum payment, although, the principal amount is still the same. I don’t want to file bankruptcy. What is the solution to this problem so I can installment? … Read entire article »

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Warren Buffett: “There’s No Way You Can Bet Against America & Win”

(5/4/09) [Part 1/2] Becky Quick interviews Warren Buffett outside his Omaha home. Side Note: Could Buffett’s quote about betting against America apply to George Soros? (Part 2): Buffett comments on various headlines in that days news: –Buffett’s take on the Future of America over time (0:23) –Chrysler Bankruptcy aftershocks & unintended consequences (3:45) –Buffett on Corporate Tax increases: “One way or another we’re going to need more taxes down the road, there’s no magic wand on this, then the question is who they should come from…it’s a question of who gets socked and when.” (6:33) –Sen. Judd Gregg: What do you do about the debt? (7:59) –A jobless recovery? (9:38) Background Article: “Firms Face New Tax Curbs”: Video: CNBC … Read entire article »

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Two Trillion Tons (Obama Parody)

**I don’t take credit for this song, though I wish I could. Just remember, parodies are created to mock true events** CREDIT TO: Jim Gossett Lyrics: Obama got elected, now there is no end; The Democrats wanna tax and spend, Tax and spend us into bankruptcy, With a tax-cheat runnin our Treasury. You spend two trillion bucks, and what do you get? No recovery but deeper in debt. St. Peter better call me fore its too late; I owe my soul to the welfare state! Obama is a leftist, as he cant deny; Govern from the center, was a great big lie. Karl Marx Manifesto is his playbook, And you and me soon will be on the hook. You spend two trillion bucks, in unsecured cash; Soon the dollar will … Read entire article »

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Please help me with a bankruptcy question.?

My mother in law racked up $40K worth of credit card. She lives off social security and has no other income. She owns her home and her land. She was told by a lawyer that because she owns her property she cannot declare bankruptcy. Now what? Is there any other solution. Can the creditors come take her land away from her since she cannot afford to keep paying them. … Read entire article »

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