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If a life insurance company goes bankrupt, what happens to whole life insurance benefits?

My Dad purchased whole life insurance through AXA Equitable which is all paid for. What happens if the life insurance company goes bankrupt or their assets are under water like so many other financial institutions these days? Will the benefits still be payable? I also think it’s strange that he had to pay $700 more to this insurance company as an “adjustment”(?) recently even though the policy was fully paid for a long time ago. Is this normal? … Read entire article »

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Is IRS debt dischargeable in bankruptcy?

It depends on what chapter of bankruptcy you plan on filing. Speak with a bankruptcy attorney to discuss all your options with tax debt. … Read entire article »

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How long after filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy would we need to move?

My husband and I have decided to file Chapter 7. We have already contacted a bankruptcy attorney, but have not officially filed. We are going to surrender our house. It is worth less than what we owe on it. We are currently less than 1 month behind on our mortgage payment. How long after filing would we need to be out of the house? We don’t want to get notice and have to be out all of a sudden. By the way, we are filing in Illinois. Please…no responses about how bankruptcy is a bad thing. You don’t know our financial situation. Thank you. … Read entire article »

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What happens to stock if the company goes bankrupt but then comes back into business?

I have purchased some stock of CIT when it was $.30 . For about 3 months it went about and down in value and then eventually the company when bankrupt. Now its out of bankruptcy and the stock is work $29. I never sold or gave up my stock, so are they still something? … Read entire article »

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Bankruptcy is NOT the End of the World

Powerful words of encouragement for anyone who is forced to file a bankruptcy. An experienced bankruptcy lawyer makes it clear that bankruptcy does NOT mean that your life is over. Nor is it the ultimate mark of shame . A number of incredibly successful people went through one or more bankruptcies on their way to success. You can do the same thing. In spite of all of the hooplah about damaging your credit rating, a person who has been through a bankruptcy, if he or she is determined enough, can do just about every single thing that anyone else can do, including buying a home, buying a car, obtaining credit cards, and starting a new business. After a bankruptcy, all you need to do is pick yourself up, dust yourself … Read entire article »

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Re-Establish Good Credit After Bankruptcy STEP THREE

James J. Cerbone, Esq. – New Jersey Bankruptcy Attorney discusses 5 steps to improving your credit after bankruptcy, Increasing your credit score, Removing negative items on your credit report and getting credit after bankruptcy. … Read entire article »

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Options for Corporate Bankruptcy: Choosing Between Chapter 11 Bankruptcy and Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Article by Dason Jocko When your business is in serious financial trouble, it may be time to consider filing for bankruptcy. If you’re uncertain whether to file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 11 bankruptcy, read on to learn about your corporate bankruptcy options. If your business is struggling to keep ahead of mounting bills, it may be time to consider filing for bankruptcy. More and more companies are succumbing to today’s depressed financial situation and are having to face bankruptcy. But before filing a bankruptcy, it’s important to understand that the type of business bankruptcy you choose can have a serious impact on the final outcome. Learning more about Chapter 11 and Chapter 7 bankruptcy filings can help you determine which is the right solution for your company’s financial woes. Filing Chapter … Read entire article »

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Phoenix Bankruptcy Attorneys

Phoenix Bankruptcy Attorneys Phoenix, Arizona Be honest — are you one of those people who are planning to file bankruptcy? Everyone who is in deep financial problem wants to know how to find an affordable bankruptcy lawyer. Well, here’s how to do it in ten minutes or less. Using free resources online you can locate cheap bankruptcy lawyers near you. Online Resource #1: Use Google Maps located in Type the search term “cheap bankruptcy lawyers” in the search field. Add your hometown, state, and zip code to make the results more accurate. Press “Enter” or click the “Search Maps” button. Google will then give you a result of businesses that matches your search query. You will see a map with markers on it. Click any of the markers and … Read entire article »

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Wal-Mart – High Cost of Low Price part 2 of 10

Part 2 out of 10 of a film about how the largest supermarket chain in the USA are being paid and begged to open new stores in towns, while they are abusing the American people. Wal-mart have been begged and paid to establish new stores in towns all over America. As soon as the store opens, local shops are forced to declare bankruptcy since they cannot compete with Wal-Marts prices. Employees are victims for racism, and lack of proper health insurance through the job. Wal-Mart wants to put the responsibility on MediCare in order for them to save money. The company don’t care about the environment, and they care even less about the Chinese that make all lots of the goods you by for a cheap amount of money. They … Read entire article »

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If a company goes bankrupt, what happens to the retired?

My grandfather used to work for an auto-company, and is able to survive because of the retirement checks and insurance from that company. If the company he used to work for goes bankrupt, will he still get the retirement check and insurance? Are these funds separate from the company? … Read entire article »

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Has any one filed for bankruptcy themselves with out a attorney ohio?

not looking to debt consolidate or go get a lawyer looking for a straight forward answer..! if you have not done it your self don’t answer for those who have done it. how hard was it what was some of the steps you took … Read entire article »

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