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CC Brown Law ? Bankruptcy ? Solution for all your Fiscal Burdens

In today’s failing economy, people will often see for-profit or non-credentialed counseling organizations make promises that they cannot or do not keep. You must be very careful when these organizations seek a large sum of money in advance. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you contact your state Attorney General, consumer protection agency, or Better Business Bureau to find out more about those organizations.

It is also often discovered that “credit repair” clinics have been frequently criticized for promising that they can remove negative information from your credit report. However, you shouldn’t forget the fact that, the accurate information about your credit history cannot be changed. Only if your information is outdated or simply not accurate,  then you can contact a credit bureau yourself and ask for such information to be removed.

Furthermore, you must be aware of speculative refinancing options. When you are already in a financial crisis, a second mortgage can greatly increase the risk that you may lose your home. Therefore, you should be especially cautious of any loan consolidations or other refinancing that actually increase interest owed or require payments of unreasonable fees.


Filing for Bankruptcy provides a breathing spell to the debtors by giving the debtor and the trustee assigned to the case time to review the situation and develop an appropriate plan. In most of the circumstances, creditors cannot take any further action against the debtor or the property without permission from the bankruptcy court.

Due to the downswing of today’s economy financial despairs has become the normal. We understand that you may have dug a financial hole that seems bottomless due to circumstances beyond your control. However, filing bankruptcy can help you regain your financial freedom. Therefore, acting sooner than later will mitigate the financial damage.

The attorneys at CC Brown Law offices, Utah are experienced bankruptcy attorneys, they will provide you with the options available to you under your unique circumstances and recommend the proper course of action. If you have any questions regarding your debt problems and need help finding a solution, please call us for personal consultation at 801-265-8500.

CC Brown is a law firm that represents clients vigorously in several areas of practice.


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