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Celente 2010 trends : economics and neo-survivalism

Jim Puplava talks to Gerald Celente about the 2010 trends, such as economics and neo-survivalism recorded on December 18th 2009

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11 Responses to "Celente 2010 trends : economics and neo-survivalism"

  1. zeno57 says:
    “WE need a orderly decline of the dollar” Billionair George (I am like a GOD) Soros.
  2. Tressco says:
    1) money addiction (single most effective dopamine trigger!!)
    [Olds J, Milner P. (1954). "Positive reinforcement produced by electrical stimulation of septal area and other regions of rat brain". J Comp Physiol Psychol 47 (6): 41927.]

    2) under-diagnosed, tolerated and in Western Nihilizations hugely honored antisocial personality disorder (ICD-10 / 3-6% male pop.), which destroys reciprocal altruism.

  3. motorolarules says:
    This is what the 401K’s are based on… nothing! Manipulation! Get out of the ‘market’. Leave them to their own devices.
  4. justaoldslave says:
    Come on, Cant we sugar coat it. Just a little bit. The U.S. doesnt have to produce any thing. We can just print paper. Thanks Gerald. Great video.
  5. jhunted7667 says:
    while you can still trade it for something trade it for food , gold and silver
  6. omarlyn says:
  7. PlatinumGordon says:
    If the fed keeps printing the USD is will be useless paper.
  8. whiskerchild says:
    Good vid
  9. whiskerchild says:
    yr kiddin, I hope
  10. justaoldslave says:
    Whoa there Bubba, The U.S.A.s dollar isn’t just worthless paper. Its based on the worlds confidence in the U.S.A.s politicians! Their great folks.
  11. videocruzer says:
    surpression of information alpha brain mulipulationviatvand rfdevices

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