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Chapter 11: Bankruptcy Restructuring

Chapter 11: Restructuring through a bankruptcy


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25 Responses to "Chapter 11: Bankruptcy Restructuring"

  1. MatthewSpielberg says:
    Interesting way on your animation of Bankruptcy, very nice
  2. bstunt10190 says:
    If this video confused you, just jump to 13:20, it clarifies everything from there on.
  3. evilsidd says:
    At 12:47 you say that the 2 mil out of the 8 mil of new equity will go to the old shareholders, and at 12:35 you say the 6m will go to the debt holders. But the six million does not include the DIP which is the most senior. Can someone please explain this to me
  4. NoticeOfDefault says:
    you force the banks to fight each other for the loaf
  5. jhovanyr05 says:
    First off, I like your video! Great info here!!! BUT what happens if the “old equity” (aka the common shares) is NOT wiped out?!? What happens if the common shares are saved?
  6. mohakhed says:
    Thank you Sal! You really explained well.
  7. maldarkangel says:
    thank you xD bandits
  8. TheLifeImprovement says:
    This video is pretty interesting, does that make me a nerd? We might be able to work together. I help people who have file bankruptcies get a cash settlement
  9. dalcde says:
    It’s the “chapters” in the US law about bankruptcy.
  10. Mendelevium146 says:
    what is this chapter thing what does it mean?
  11. mediblue9 says:
    So after chap. 11 goes through the bond(debt) holders want to low ball the value of the company? The equity(stock) holders want to high ball the value of the company because then then thye will not lose their shirts?
  12. windhammer357 says:
    Hi my name is Randy I looking for help I,m in Debt up to my ears in personal loans I have file Chapter 7 before but now I have to file Chapter 11.I,m broke in I can,t even afford a Attorney to get myself out of Debt.I looking to see if anyone no,s a Pro Bono Attorney that could take my case I do have a job if any fee,s are invovled I migth be able to make some payments
  13. doublecrossedagn says:
    Where can an indiv ch11 debtor get DIP financing in Ch11?
  14. Az11021083 says:
    Hi i have a question can some body help me plz ok i buy a car from this guy and he is going filled for bankrupcy and he keep telling me that they aré going take my car from me cuz they can go back 3 years he said that they will look id he sale something in the past 3 years they will go back and take it is that rigrh even the car is in my ñame can they still take it plz some body help me
  15. MisterKwakkles says:
    Debtors are discharged in Chapter 7; corporations and partnerships are dissolved in Chapter 7. For an individual, some debts will always stay with you, even after bankruptcy. Some of those “exceptions to discharge,” a.k.a, debts that will are not discharged, include IRS back taxes, debts incurred by fraud, alimony, and child support,
  16. CaeserOct says:
    Great video.

    1) What program are you using to make this video?
    2) Who decide’s the Equity holder’s plan or the Debtor’s plan is what is executed? The bankruptcy court?

  17. kusanagiyang says:
    your explanation is very good :)
  18. abab676 says:
    Just have had a loook in GM’s issuing new shares 100 to 1 plan! Sal you are an amazing! Pls. post something about option’s theory.
  19. CenseSay says:
    wait….but i thought that the bondholders had no say in the company, they just own debt!!! So one way or the other, the shareholders would most likely get their way unless there was some sort of hidden agenda
  20. Ubreako says:
    When a company goes into bankruptcy….what is the seniority of the claims ? I imagine Bonds have priority, how about prefference shares when compared to ordinary equity ? which one rank superior in the capital structure under bankruptcy
  21. khanacademy says:
    It’s not arbitrage. It could just be a way to buy the “New Equity” before the “New Equity” really exists.
  22. brokeinvestor says:
    What kind of arbitrage is that? (buying the bonds when the company files for chapter 11 in hope the new stocks will be worth more).
  23. angle4everr says:
    hey i love your videos your soo cool can you make a video about irregular polygons thankz bye=] Fizza
  24. joao27pt says:
    excellent. very well presented.
  25. AMIIZix says:
    dont ever stop making videos dude for real ^^

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