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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney in Florida?

Can someone recommend a knowledgeable Bankruptcy attorney in Hillsborough, Pasco or Pinellas County? I was told that I may be able to charge-off my income taxes, if they are 7 years old. I have to file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy as I can’t afford to pay my outstanding bills. My IRS taxes are from 2003 and 2008. The 2008 I only owe about $500. The 2003 I owe over $11,300. I can’t seem to get ahead as I’ve only been paying $25 monthly payment agreement that I made with them in January 2010. I can’t afford to pay any higher, as my income is extremely low. I also have private student loans from a bank, but they are not listed as student loans; they’re listed as private loans. Can I have these private student loans discharged as well? I owe about $100,000 in debt which includes income taxes, federal student loans, and other financial debts.


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  1. Sharon T says:
    When you make your payments to IRS, direct on the check that they go to 2008 1040 so they will do you some good when you file for BK.

    You already know you can’t discharge your federal student loans. The private loans can be discharged.

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