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Chapter 7:Bankruptcy Liquidation

Introduction to bankruptcy liquidation (Chapter 7)


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25 Responses to "Chapter 7:Bankruptcy Liquidation"

  1. diedie111590 says:
    Have you ever taken an accounting class? The dollar sign only has one line through it. $
  2. NetTopJOB says:
    eASY & High Income Job from the “NET”

  3. abadiblack says:
    amazing , you just made me understand something that my professor could not :)
  4. rosa1980x says:
    mutual funds????
  5. TheLifeImprovement says:
    This video is pretty interesting, does that make me a nerd? We might be able to work together. I help people who have file bankruptcies get a cash settlement
  6. thegoonist says:
    er 5mil – 1mil – 2mil = 2 mil…so the subordinated should get all their money back?
  7. junwithgod says:
    Thanks for the useful video. I just want to point out one thing. In theory, what you said is true, but in reality, it is a difficulty of enforcing legal rights of lien holder and there is a problem with delays even when the legal rights were to be obtained. In practice, the people with senior debt may find it difficult to take over the promised assets if the assets have fair value in excess of their claims because junior debt holders may have interest as well as others at the bottom of the
  8. freshair74 says:
    get a chapter 7 or divorce and more american freedom legal
  9. tjello says:
    @masakmerah Because it wasn’t you that borrowed the money, it was the company that you have shares in. Therefore their obligations aren’t yours, so you won’t have to take on the company’s liabilities.
  10. lisalisamattmatt says:
    Thank you for these videos – very informative for the intelligent novice.
  11. mkinvest6 says:
    For instance, a business that made perfect sense, but due to economic downturn or poor investment decisions/management, or taking too much leverage to be able to pay it back. I interpret bankruptcy as a business shutting down. I am just a little confused why a company’s restructuring/reorganization would be considered bankruptcy, if the company stays in business. Thanks.
  12. mkinvest6 says:
    In my opinion, the only bankruptcy type would the liquidation. And then liquidation could be divided into two, and possibly more, types: Liquidation, as you mentioned, as a result of a business that does not seem to make sense and cannot reach an expected/desired profit level and the other type would be a liquidation as a result of insolvency. see next…
  13. ambalikasmiti says:
    One doubt..
    In case of bankruptcy liquidation, does the company payback the principal as well interest to the debt holder?
  14. peacekeeper2808 says:
    nice vid! i like the way you teach, its easy to understand ! can u explain about derivatives? i want to learn more about it.
  15. 407buddy says:
    This whole fucking economy is built on fraud, lies and garbage, folks who once believed in the “system” are losing faith. Motivated by do-or-die necessity, Non-Believers are un-willing to go under or live on the streets but will instead devise ingenious ways to beat that system, breaking from debt and usury, getting off the grid as much as possible and stying under the radar, buying local only. So fuck fraudonomics.
  16. 407buddy says:
    Sorry folks, you have been had, peed on, scammed and lied to.
    WallStreet is rigged and bailouts a fraud, market manipulations,
    high freqency trading, flash orders, naked short selling, on and on
    Goldman and Gov’t are in bed, they set the rules to benefit the few
    Jobs been exported, your labor de-valued to Zero to screw you into debt
    Walk away from your CC cards and (underwater) mortgage
    FICO scores are a scam to enslave you and keep you in debt
    Get out of paper. Don’t be sheeple. Fight back!
  17. hg698f says:
    what does enlightenment have to do with understanding the uniform commercial code in America? debunk it? debunk what? debunk every conspiracy theory that is expressed and implied in the movie or debunk your statement that money is being created out of debt? that statement isn’t even close to being articulated enough to debate.
  18. NassimHarameinVedas says:
    Please, enlightened one. Debunk it. Words straight from the horses mouth. Read Modern Money Mechanics. Read “The Creature from Jekyll Island : A Second Look at the Federal Reserve”.
    Case Closed.

    ∞Hare Krishna, Hare Krsna, Hare Krsta, Hare Christ∞

  19. hg698f says:
    you should make your opinions more humble because they’re not entirely accurate and not at all precise. Oh and maybe, just for credibility’s sake, you shouldn’t cite pop-propaganda/ conspiracy theory videos to support your point.
  20. unpimpedgti says:
    Search “Chapter 7 Bankruptcy” on Krustbox (dot) com.
  21. jceja24 says:
    i saw that movie on youtube! pretty deep huh? check out the article below.
    “Shell Consortium Wins Contract on Iraq’s Majnoon Oil Field” on the wall street journal
    If we go into Venezuela next, then I believe that movie in its entirety.
  22. NassimHarameinVedas says:
    Many of You, in my humble but accurate opinion, would benefit from learning about how the “Federal Reserve” system and banking business work.
    The movie that describes it, in the most coherent way is Zeitgeist: Addendum. Its right in the beginning of the movie, so You don’t need to watch the whole 2hours.
    It explains how “Modern Money Mechanics” work with the FED.
    “Money” literally is being created out of DEBT.
    Since 1913, US currency is not exchangeable by gold at banks for a reason.
    Watch it!
  23. bankruptcytips says:
    Well layed out and thanks for going to this effort. I think it was worth mentioning that many people over value their assets as you pointed out and don’t realize the danger that can present down the track.
  24. creditliberation says:
    if you file for bankruptcy it’s not the end..I am in process of recovering or my husband is..please visit my blog
  25. daveeb0y says:
    Even when your Assets are greater than your Liabilities, you can still go bankrupt if you have 0 cash and are unable to pay the interest payments you owe on the debt. This is why there is the popular phrase “Cash is King”.

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