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Christian Alternatives to Bankruptcy ? Consider Christian Debt Settlement

The recent recession in the U.S. economy has created both employment and financial challenges for Americans and Christian families alike. Credit card debt problems will no doubt reach an all time high as unemployment rates continue to rise. Christians face the reality that filing bankruptcy may be their “only way out”, but that is not necessarily the only workable solution that may be available. Filing bankruptcy should be the “choice of last resort” and the reasons are outlined below. Christian debt settlement is a viable solution to be considered by Christian families hoping to turn their financial situation around and live a better, debt free life.

<b>Why Avoid Bankruptcy</b> – When Christians face such extreme financial hardship that they feel they must explore something as “life changing” as filing bankruptcy, we encourage them to seek out all other Christian debt reduction alternatives first. Filing bankruptcy may allude to the feeling of a “fresh start” and might provide immediate relief from the unbearable stress created by financial difficulties. However, this is not necessarily an accurate picture of the “brighter financial future” you are seeking. A bankruptcy filing will remain on your credit report for up to 10 years. You will face difficulty in securing home mortgages or vehicle loans at reasonable rates of interest, potentially costing thousands of dollars in additional interest charges resulting from high interest rates. Needless to say with the recent financial problems U.S. financial lending institutions are experiencing, individuals deemed a credit risk are being scrutinized more closely than ever before. A bankruptcy can also impact future employment opportunities as more employers are now completing credit checks as part of their screening process. Again, with unemployment rates at an all time high in 2008, you don’t want to lose that perfect position because you are deemed irresponsible when your credit history is evaluated. Walking away completely from your financial obligations should be the last resort for a Christian. All Christian alternatives to bankruptcy should be investigated first, including Christian debt settlement, Christian credit counseling, and even debt consolidation loans.


<b>Why Christian Debt Settlement May Be The Right Solution</b> – Christian debt settlement is becoming a more well known form of Christian debt reduction because it offers many distinct advantages when compared to other Christian alternatives to bankruptcy. Christian debt settlement is a debt reduction solution involving the negotiating of creditor balances down to a mutually agreed upon “reduced amount” that is considered payment in full by the creditor. For this reason, Christian debt settlement is often referred to as Christian debt negotiation. Christian debt settlement is gaining in its popularity primarily because it provides the following benefits for Christian unsecured debt problems:

· Provides an ethical and honorable alternative to bankruptcy.

· Allows the client to maintain privacy and control over their financial affairs (unlike bankruptcy which becomes public record)

· Allows the client to take charge of the program and control their own financial destiny (unlike bankruptcy where the courts decide all matters)

· Provides a relatively short program duration, typically taking 2-3 years to resolve Christian unsecured debt problems (in contrast to the longer Christian credit counseling programs which can take 5-9 years to complete)

· Requires the lowest overall total financial payout (when compared to debt consolidation loans and Christian credit counseling)

· Provides the most flexibility of any Christian debt reduction program in terms of monthly budgeting

It is no surprise that <a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push(['_trackPageview', '/outgoing/article_exit_link/675348']);” href=””>Christian unsecured debt problems</a> create stress and worry that often feel unmanageable for Christian families. But there is hope in a variety of Christian debt reduction solutions. If you are facing financial troubles, then researching the various Christian alternatives to bankruptcy is the first step to changing your financial destiny. It is advisable to do your research and your “homework” so that you select the best Christian debt reduction solution for your situation. Christian debt settlement is just one option that clearly offers numerous benefits and advantages over other forms of resolving Christian unsecured debt problems. The decision is ultimately yours and must be right for you and your family.

Liv Worthington has worked in debt management for many years. She takes pride in helping all of her Christian clients find Christian alternatives to bankruptcy like Christian debt settlement when they need a Christian debt reduction solution to provide credit card debt relief.


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